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What I AM Gods do you serve?

July 25, 2013 in Akashic Records

What I AM Gods do you serve?


I’ve been to the Akashic Records a few times and each time has been spontaneous.  What I mean by that is that I hadn’t intentionally sought out the Akashic Records.   In case you are not sure what the Akashic Records is.  The best term I have for explaining it is –  ‘the universe data for all events in all time (including dimensions)’.    I see this place through clairvoyance….like many others –  as a huge library with many floors and guardians.   I’ve found myself in this place when doing readings for others – taken there by angels/guides.

Although my first experience/s of the Akashic records was during guided meditations…before I even began going down the road of ‘intuition’.  This makes me wonder about all the people that have been in the Akashic Records without realizing it.   You can be taken up there by guides – the place is huge and they may take you to a particular place solely for your learning or next stage of development.  Some people may have gone there through astral travel.  Something I did a lot of during the ages of 7-9.  I didn’t like it one bit…and became afraid of the dark.   I’d sometimes see beings in my room and knowing that I might leave my body in sleep…I’d bang my head to keep myself from falling asleep and to avoid making some kind of a connection with these beings.   Although it was a terrifying time for me, I can now affectionately look back at that time and refer to myself as a ‘headbanger’ .


Anyway, when you go intentionally, It is a place where you need a guardian with you otherwise you don’t know what to do with yourself  and, forget about getting information…it can come by you so fast that it can be hard to comprehend any of the data.    My intention for going to the Akashic Records was to see if I could go there purely on intention and to look at my own records.


So I found I could.   One of my books (records) was given to me by the guardian of the records and, I have to say I felt hesitant…it was as if I was  remembering something yet couldn’t quite put my finger on what the memory was.

I remember taking the time to hold this book in my hands as if preparing myself.  Did I really want to look at my ‘records’?   My guardian waited for my decision.  I decided ‘yes’.  I hadn’t come for a lesson and yet I knew I was about to get a one.  Thus the need to have a clear purpose when entering the Akashic records.  For instance before going to the Akashic Records, I could of set the intention to look at something in particular in my book rather than just look at my books.   It holds a lot of information so need to be really clear.

My guide told me to have a look at the title…so I took a breath and looked.   The title was ‘Fear’.  As soon as I read the title I heard the word ‘father’.    I opened the book and turned a couple of the pages.   Each page had a word/s imprinted.   Pg1 Love, Pg 2 hope etc.


Another book then appeared and the title was ‘Hate’ and I heard the word ‘mother’.    (now these were my records and not my parents).   As the pages of this book turned…these words were imprinted…’wishful thinking, detriment, determined’.  I got the impression that these words and their meanings…are related to the word ‘hate’.   Wishful thinking is when you have begun to lose all power.  It can be a sense of hopelessness.


I had no idea what was coming next for me in the Akashic Records but it made the above totally clear to me.   I have heard many times of the power behind the words  I AM.  But I just never truly got it.

What happened next was that it felt like a ton of information was coming at me…and a lot of it I could not make sense of (at first).

I was hearing  I AM statements like…

I AM omni presence,

I AM omni potent,

I AM omni universe

and at the same time I was seeing images of Jesus, Archangels and Buddha flash before my eyes on top of  hearing two songs…’Bathe in the river’ and We are the world’.   (this is what I mean about a ton of information can come at ya).   But I wasn’t hearing the whole songs just particular lyrics….(well actually most of the song in Bathe in the river’ and the other song …it was these lyrics….’ … God has shown us by turning stone to bread…but if you just believe, there’s no way we can fall….well well well, let us realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one’.


I then saw the following images that enabled me to understand  what happens before we (in spirit) come to earth.     How we sort of go into a laboratory similar to a gene pool and various activation’s  are done on spirit.   I guess you can say lessons we need to learn, our dna, also how we can also de-activate some of the things that were activated.  So you may have come here with a lot of lessons to learn but it can be changed.

Then as ‘spirit’ journeys on… after the above activation etc – heads to a ‘holding place for many similar spirits’ governed by high vibration beings / Archangels.  It felt like a realm…and I didn’t like this place.  My guardian took me away from it.  I guess afterwards I realized it was the ‘feeling’  of this place that I didn’t like.  It seemed a ‘dark place’ so to speak.  I guess in order for spirit to be human on Earth there needs to be some kind of downing of high vibration to a dense vibration.

Then I was shown a Sun….it felt like I was heading towards this sun….and I could hear these words coming at me…’I am the way, the light, past lives, chaos and accept’.    As I felt the Sun and I get closer…I got information to do with slavery.   I saw myself with chains or ‘bounded’ sort of thing.   I could see so many others that were also slaves.


My guides pointed out the chains represented ‘spiritual slavery, slavery of the mind’.  It felt  a message regarding an aspect of my purpose… It was very clear….my purpose is to be free.  Free of what?….free to have inner self authority, free of society culture, free of fears.   Now if we go back to the books that had links to my parents…fear and hate, it dawned on me that there is a  family legacy as well as lessons for me in this life time.

I was really close to the Sun now…and heard….’I AM God, I AM infinity’.   I also heard….’none can come to God unclean or un-pure or in other words ‘low vibration’.   God is not hate or fear but is ‘love’ ….  It is not about us being unworthy or bad but fears keep us at such a low vibration.  There is no light in a dark room…in other words.  So when we rid ourselves of low vibration energy such as hate of ourself or for others…we ignite a light.   You know a tiny lit matchstick  brings light into a dark room.  Your light brings you closer to your own connection to the hugest source of light known to ‘man’…

I was then shown all the Gods. It was like I was asked to be aware of the Gods I served.  Of course these Gods are the same Gods that we all serve to various extents.

They are called Gods because we naturally say the word I AM prior to them – when we speak, making them extremely powerful.  So Gods are ‘words’.

Some of the Gods: 

I AM omni hate,        I AM omni war,        I AM omni love,         I AM omni greed,          I AM omni hope,

I AM omni journey,      I AM omni sickness,       I AM omni poverty,        I AM omni destruction,

I AM omni – misery-loves-company,     I AM omni-pride,       I AM omni alert,    I AM omni – afraid,

I AM omni hurt,        I AM omni death,       I AM omni tears,    I AM omni sancity,    I AM omni comfort

I AM omni brave,        I AM omni alone,      I AM omni  desire,      I AM omni survival,

I AM omni expansion,      I AM omni little,       I AM omni trauma,     I AM omni deforestation


There are natural paths that are linked such as….

I AM omni love – there is enough…is linked to I AM omni closeness.  (I think so many people struggle with this…that there is actually enough ‘love’ for all.  Understanding that  one reason we may feel a lack of connectedness  comes down to not realizing the energy of love).

I AM omni right track becomes or moves towards I AM omni reveal and then I AM omni revelation.  (…whatever you are wanting to be revealed to you such as life purpose, ain’t going to be revealed until you are actually on the path or track…thus a need to take action and trust rather than waiting for a revelation, which comes after ‘reveal’).

I AM omni seclusion links with ‘letting go’ and also to I AM omni understanding and then I AM omni compassion. (At times we purposely seek ‘seclusion’ and other times we desperately sever / deny ties with ‘seclusion’ …and yet it is when we ‘let go’ and ‘be in’ the seclusion we may find ourselves in – that understanding and compassion comes).

I AM omni dedication… linked to compassion of brother, lover, nature etc. (Is this where our ‘dedication’ should be?).

There is also WE ARE I AM.   I feel this is what Mashur Anum speaks about…the collective or morphic fields.


‘I AM purpose’ is a delight…it promotes clarity, clear heart, clear thoughts and ‘I AM destiny’ is a longing, links to desire and servitude.    The power of words.    It is about understanding that regardless whether we believe it or not…we are all serving Gods.   I understand that the books I was shown…was to help me see the Gods my parents (legacy) mainly served and how of course it would then become my Gods too.  I could see too what my parents chose, to help with their lessons in life as well as helping me learn mine.  We have free will and may choose to avoid learning the lessons.

Thus I feel that ‘free will’ isn’t really available to any of us until we truly understand that we have ‘free will’.  We are a slave culture and don’t know how to utilize our free will.   We have fears and ingrained cultural beliefs and opinions that form the basis of our actions and decisions rather than our ‘free will’.

Anyway – So whatever thoughts you are going through at any time becomes ‘the word’ and when I AM is included, it is linked to serving / worshiping a God.  The God of Love, The God of Hate, and so on.

The words ‘I AM’ is the truth you speak (regardless of your belief of it or not).

Omni  means ‘all or everything’…so in other words I AM omni love is the same as I AM all love.

What is scary is this saying – I AM omni hate or I AM all hate. The reason it is freakin scary…is because saying I AM ahead of whatever word you naturally say…magnifies it’s truth for you.  If you go around thinking and saying I AM love – you are literally saying that you are all the LOVE that is IN THE WORLD.  If you go around saying to yourself or others I AM hate or similar, you are literally saying that you are all the HATE IN THE WORLD.  It doesn’t matter whether you include ‘omni’ in the sentence.  Omni is to understand the power of I AM.

So I want to end this post with those lyrics from Michael Jackson’s song ‘We are the World’ …”as God has shown us by turning stone to bread… if you just believethere’s no way we can fall…….well well well, let us realize that a change can only come when we stand together as one’”   So remember… what you say after I AM is the truth thus let it be the beauty of you and the beauty you want to see in the world.  We are ‘one’.  We are connected.   Which is why you take ALL THE WORLD so to speak.  When more and more people are aware of what they say after I AM and choose to say only positive words… – then the less data in the universe energy regarding negativity…and the less people whom speak negative words after I AM will have attached to them.  In other words negative or positive data is universally collected and held as energy like we have atmosphere…or an akashic records place/energy.  This data sticks around because it is continuously used.





What is the Quantum – Kenji Kumara

December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Quantum Lightweaving
Kenji Kumara

So what is Kenji Kumara all about?   What exactly is Quantum Lightweaving?

The ‘quantum’ is about ‘being in a particular state’.   Ask yourself what kind of state is your life in at the moment.   Where are you at?   A ‘state’ according to Kenji has certain effects.   You could be in a sad state or satisfied state.   The ‘quantum’ is about being in a state of bliss, or being in the flow, experiencing ease with life, feeling connected to self and experiences.



Meditation is a way that can help ‘you’ enter the ‘quantum’.  Meditate regularly – you get to experience the ‘quantum’ on a more sustained basis.  The desired ending result is to get to a point where being in the ‘quantum’ becomes more and more a part of your natural daily life.    You start to feel the ‘quantum or bliss’ for longer periods of time.



Kenji points out that this ‘quantum or state’ can be seen in various teachings.  In Christianity, the quantum would be the highest heaven.  Buddha the quantum is ‘all that is’.  Hindu philosophy for instance Krishna – the quantum comes down to a state of ‘oneness’.  Regarding young people today, the quantum can be thought of as being ‘in the zone’, for instance when we are feeling good, we are in the zone.




Tips from Kenji.

1) When we overreact, we become upset, depressed and end up being in a state of low energy.  All these things take us out of the ‘quantum’.   Emotions are not you….so detach from your emotional body, detach from tribal consciousness (Tribal consciousness I guess can be viewed as values or thoughts and feelings that society says are right such as stress…  it’s good to have stress in your life sometimes).    Well if you want to experience being in the quantum for longer periods of time, then stress needs to be eliminated.  Stress is not a natural state.  We are spiritual beings.


2)  We didn’t come to earth to experience stress.   We are here to learn and receive love.  We are not here to do a certain thing….it is not about winning the game.   So although we may want to have success in our careers for instance…it is not what we have come here to achieve.  We are here to experience love and to give love.   So you can go hard with your career but remember your core is to base your ‘state’ on the foundations of being love.   So stop that game of having to win at something and instead be the flow and let spirit guide you.   When you are in the quantum, you are willing to be in a place where you may not always know what is ahead of you.


3)  Money reflects our self-esteem.   When you do what you came here to do – express love…money flows.   So change jobs if it’s stressful or cut down your hours.  Or change your attitude so that you find how your career can be used to give and receive love.   So be aware of how much you are in your flow and how much you are not.


4)  Indigo children and people who read the thoughts and emotions of others tend to withdraw from people and life as a coping mechanism.   Please do not take on other people’s emotions and thoughts.   If you tend to tune into other people’s energy fields you are to tell them what you are sensing from them objectively and compassionately.  Say what you see without giving a lecture.   So don’t withdraw from the world.  Your gift is that you are able to enable people to hone in to their own current state thus bringing them closer to the ‘quantum’.


5)  Everyday ask the universe, God or your guides for your next step.   Ask for what you are able to receive.  Always include in your ‘asking’, what you can actually receive and no more than that.  Otherwise you may be overloaded with information and become overwhelmed.   You should always take steps or do things in a gentle way.   Gentle is powerful and wise.   So the gentle theory is significant – it’s about getting into a ‘state’ of not being demanding of yourself when asking for your next step.


6)  The more aware you become the more responsibility you have for the world.    The responsibilities could be coming from a more compassionate space or caring for others without being a mother to them.


7)  For healers – it is not about saving others.   We are here to save ourselves thus we save others automatically.    The highest level of healing is one’s own presence.   Your presence shifts the environment.


8)  How to connect with spirit guides when in the quantum.   Take 7 breathes and imagine meditating behind your physical heart and then manifest your  guides by asking them to come through.  You can ask for any guide….they could be angels, beings from another system, higher dimensional beings from inside our earth, a healing guide, a business guide, any kind of guide that you need.   Meditate in stillness (be quiet and don’t force anything) and allow a connecting.


(How you connect is different for everyone….some may see their guides, some may feel them, some may hear something such as buzzing etc…but you will notice something.    Accept by being open to the fact that guides will connect with you using your strongest connection method.  It’s similar to learning styles; some of us are more visual while others are more kinesthetic).


Once connected ask for help in a particular situation and sit with that.   When finished thank them.   Whatever you get from it…’s important or helpful to then let it go…meaning don’t go into a thinking mode so don’t analyze it.


Lastly give it sometime to manifest into physical reality.  You received information / insight from another dimension so it does take some time to manifest in our current dimension.