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What is the Quantum – Kenji Kumara

December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized

Quantum Lightweaving
Kenji Kumara

So what is Kenji Kumara all about?   What exactly is Quantum Lightweaving?

The ‘quantum’ is about ‘being in a particular state’.   Ask yourself what kind of state is your life in at the moment.   Where are you at?   A ‘state’ according to Kenji has certain effects.   You could be in a sad state or satisfied state.   The ‘quantum’ is about being in a state of bliss, or being in the flow, experiencing ease with life, feeling connected to self and experiences.



Meditation is a way that can help ‘you’ enter the ‘quantum’.  Meditate regularly – you get to experience the ‘quantum’ on a more sustained basis.  The desired ending result is to get to a point where being in the ‘quantum’ becomes more and more a part of your natural daily life.    You start to feel the ‘quantum or bliss’ for longer periods of time.



Kenji points out that this ‘quantum or state’ can be seen in various teachings.  In Christianity, the quantum would be the highest heaven.  Buddha the quantum is ‘all that is’.  Hindu philosophy for instance Krishna – the quantum comes down to a state of ‘oneness’.  Regarding young people today, the quantum can be thought of as being ‘in the zone’, for instance when we are feeling good, we are in the zone.




Tips from Kenji.

1) When we overreact, we become upset, depressed and end up being in a state of low energy.  All these things take us out of the ‘quantum’.   Emotions are not you….so detach from your emotional body, detach from tribal consciousness (Tribal consciousness I guess can be viewed as values or thoughts and feelings that society says are right such as stress…  it’s good to have stress in your life sometimes).    Well if you want to experience being in the quantum for longer periods of time, then stress needs to be eliminated.  Stress is not a natural state.  We are spiritual beings.


2)  We didn’t come to earth to experience stress.   We are here to learn and receive love.  We are not here to do a certain thing….it is not about winning the game.   So although we may want to have success in our careers for instance…it is not what we have come here to achieve.  We are here to experience love and to give love.   So you can go hard with your career but remember your core is to base your ‘state’ on the foundations of being love.   So stop that game of having to win at something and instead be the flow and let spirit guide you.   When you are in the quantum, you are willing to be in a place where you may not always know what is ahead of you.


3)  Money reflects our self-esteem.   When you do what you came here to do – express love…money flows.   So change jobs if it’s stressful or cut down your hours.  Or change your attitude so that you find how your career can be used to give and receive love.   So be aware of how much you are in your flow and how much you are not.


4)  Indigo children and people who read the thoughts and emotions of others tend to withdraw from people and life as a coping mechanism.   Please do not take on other people’s emotions and thoughts.   If you tend to tune into other people’s energy fields you are to tell them what you are sensing from them objectively and compassionately.  Say what you see without giving a lecture.   So don’t withdraw from the world.  Your gift is that you are able to enable people to hone in to their own current state thus bringing them closer to the ‘quantum’.


5)  Everyday ask the universe, God or your guides for your next step.   Ask for what you are able to receive.  Always include in your ‘asking’, what you can actually receive and no more than that.  Otherwise you may be overloaded with information and become overwhelmed.   You should always take steps or do things in a gentle way.   Gentle is powerful and wise.   So the gentle theory is significant – it’s about getting into a ‘state’ of not being demanding of yourself when asking for your next step.


6)  The more aware you become the more responsibility you have for the world.    The responsibilities could be coming from a more compassionate space or caring for others without being a mother to them.


7)  For healers – it is not about saving others.   We are here to save ourselves thus we save others automatically.    The highest level of healing is one’s own presence.   Your presence shifts the environment.


8)  How to connect with spirit guides when in the quantum.   Take 7 breathes and imagine meditating behind your physical heart and then manifest your  guides by asking them to come through.  You can ask for any guide….they could be angels, beings from another system, higher dimensional beings from inside our earth, a healing guide, a business guide, any kind of guide that you need.   Meditate in stillness (be quiet and don’t force anything) and allow a connecting.


(How you connect is different for everyone….some may see their guides, some may feel them, some may hear something such as buzzing etc…but you will notice something.    Accept by being open to the fact that guides will connect with you using your strongest connection method.  It’s similar to learning styles; some of us are more visual while others are more kinesthetic).


Once connected ask for help in a particular situation and sit with that.   When finished thank them.   Whatever you get from it…’s important or helpful to then let it go…meaning don’t go into a thinking mode so don’t analyze it.


Lastly give it sometime to manifest into physical reality.  You received information / insight from another dimension so it does take some time to manifest in our current dimension.