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Masshur Anam – Morphic Fields and moving towards accession.

December 16, 2012 in Intuition, Realms and space age, The other side

Mashhur Anam


About a month ago I don’t think I would of believed a lot of what Mashhur had to say, except that I had an experience during meditation where an energy type being from Orion appeared,  and for that reason I was hungry for more information.    Well of course, the next thing….I discover Mashhur.  I’ve listened to him about 3-5 times and I thought I should listen to him some more before writing about my experiences with him because his stuff was a lot for me to process but I decided not to wait as he is currently airing on  Daruis’s site at the moment.   If you feel like you resonate with what he says and want to listen to him, you can click on the link on here or further down the page.   If you miss the call don’t worry Darius usually puts replays back on.

Mashhur speaks about how we are souls that were created from the Central Sun.  This is not our Earth’s sun.   As souls we have made many journeys to Earth meaning past lives.   Along our many journeys to Earth, we have stopped at places in the galaxy such as Orion and Maia.  These are Stars.      Because we made stops to places like Alceyon, Orion, Maia etc we have always had a connection to them.  If you will – think of such Stars/Sun as a particular consciousness.  The energy of these stars and sun is one of joy and ease.   Their role is to help us transform from our current 3rd dimensional reality to the 5th dimensional.


Solar Sun is our Earth’s sun.  Our sun holds the consciousness or energy of neutrality and non judgment.   By spending time each day (10-30 minutes) absorbing the sun’s ray or visualizing the rays, we begin to align with the Sun’s energy.  This energy is important to help us transform during the accession.


Alceyon Star is considered to be located in the Taurus system.   This is also where the Pleiadian Star resides.       The consciousness of Alceyon contains information about our goals, our soul’s purpose, and our vision.    Alceyon holds a holographic blue print for a new humanity.   Our present humanity is considered to be moving into the ‘Accession Age’.    In the past we have had the Stone Age, Middle Ages, Industrial Age and so on.   Alceyon helps us to make ‘transformation of self and planet’ accessible when we connect to this star.   Alceyon holds an energy that is playful and joyful.  That means that transformation should be a joyful experience.


Maia Star – Maia’s consciousness holds new ideas and options.   This star is important for rejuvenation.   Transformation happens for those needing healing.   This is probably the energy those who have experienced rapid healing have connected to.  This is the energy or star that people who are in the field of healing should connect with because Maia holds key information that healers can use or connect with.


Orion – is a constellation that most people have heard of.   Mashhur believes many of us (our souls) came through Orion or have stopped at Orion on our way to earth.   Throughout history a lot of people have stories about Orion.  For instance Native Americans talk about Orion as the place of the Star people.     Orion has three powerful stars.   When you connect and work with Orion you transcend your space and time (such as the 3rd dimension we are currently in) and are able to ‘integrate the accession’ vibration.   The accession vibration is basically what all the talk about 2012 has been about.   It’s about the world speeding up and leaving a 3rd dimension reality and quickly passing through 4th dimension and straight into the 5th dimension.    A lot of spiritual gurus are saying that we basically whizz pass the 4th dimension.


Orion is considered to embody pure crystalline vibration.    So you need to think of Orion as a magical place (think unicorns and fairies) filled with information.   Orion holds that type of energy.   Orion is energy where ‘anything’ is possible.   So this star holds a lot of information about our origin.   When you can fully embody Orion’s energy, you easily integrate the accession currently taking place in the world.


How –  you might be wondering?

Orion transforms your thought patterns (a-ha, now I get why ‘anything is possible’ since what you think creates your reality) so that you never face challenges again.    This star makes issues disappear.   What this means is that you don’t look at problems like you use to.   Integrating with Orion’s energy, you are able to face issues as soon as they pop up by understanding the root causes of them.  You are able to quickly dissolve these issues because your vibration rises extremely high.   This is because you are no longer using thought processes that belong in the 3rd dimension.  You are using thought processes that come from the 5th Dimension.

As an example, Mashhur points out that the word ‘abundance and its process’ are not understood by many people in the world because it is actually a 5th dimensional word.  It holds 5th dimensional vibration.   What you believe is true as an example.   So this is why people are unable to attain abundance.


Central Sun Matrix –This Sun holds the strongest light.  There are four lights.

Golden Alpha – beginning of the new.

Golden Omega – dealing with completion.

Golden Feed – divine change/transformation.

Golden Infinity – combining the processes.

I guess they all work together.  There is nothing else I can say about the Central Sun Matrix as this is something you wouldn’t connect to until you have worked your way through the others.  So this Sun is way too powerful to access without preparing for it.


So I don’t know how you – the reader, are getting on with this information.  It is still kind of new to me.     Basically Mashhur is saying that as we go through the ‘accession’ we can no longer use 3rd dimensional modalities.


He gives an example of our current modalities.  If you can imagine ‘your life’ is playing on a television screen.  Let us say that ‘your life sucks’ is playing on the screen.  You can put flowers around the screen.  Add some happy type of pictures in frames on top of the television set; speak affirmations towards the screen and so on.   The thing is that, despite these modalities you have used – what is playing inside the television is still your life story, which might be a horror film.     So he is saying we are using external stuff or 3rd dimensional tools to help us.    Third dimensional tools are not going to help us when we are almost in the 5th Dimensional reality.   In the 5th dimension we will go internal and will seek less external stuff by going straight to our sources such as Orion and Maia which are energies. So I guess he is saying that those who continue to struggle will do so because they are still in the 3rd dimension.     You could think of it as people in the industrial age living in the technological age.   Some of those in the industrial age will get that the energy or world’s consciousness has moved forward and thrive, while others will refuse or not understand and won’t be able to thrive or even survive.


OK now on to the other stuff he talks about such as Morphic fields, Vision Boards and the Rings of Harmony.     As I listened to him explain Morphic Fields I couldn’t help thinking that it is what every self-development or spiritual guru speaks of but he has just renamed it.  I don’t know, I guess it comes down to personal opinion.



Morphic Field – is a field where a group of people have plugged into a certain belief thus a certain type of energy.    Such as Morphic Fields of- Fear, I can’t, Success, Joy and so on.   If we take the recession happening at the moment….millions of people around the world are plugged into this Morphic Field.  It thrives on the energy of “I can’t get a job or there are not enough jobs, so I better hold on to mine”.     Because millions are plugged into this particular Morphic Field it makes the field strong and allows it to continue taking place.   A Morphic Field of say one thousand people is not going to have as much impact as larger ones – on the world.



So we need to unplug from this Morphic field and plug into another such as the Morphic fields of successful people like Oprah or Richard Branson.  There are successful companies like  BP or Shell.   There are different types of successful people or companies so you need to think about which ones you want to plug into.  Ones that take care of others and our planet or ones that don’t.   Too many people are plugged into the wrong Morphic Fields.


An example – a person cannot seem to heal.  What Morphic Field would she be plugged into? 

She could be plugged into the field – pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in enabling people to heal completely.


What can she do?

Unplug from that Morphic Field and plug into a new Morphic Field such as those who have healed completely, healing or health gurus, Buddha.

One way you can plug in is to identify what you are already plugged into, unplug (using visualization or thinking it) and then plug into new field (again through visualization or intention).


So the Morphic Fields can be thought of as a collective consciousness held by a group.  The Morphic Field can be huge if it has a group numbering in the millions or even billions.   For instance religion holds huge Morphic Fields.  There are millions of Catholics and Muslins etc   around the world.   I don’t think I need to talk about the kind of power these Morphic Fields have upon people, politics, and the planet.



I try to spend time each day in meditation.  During one of these meditation sessions a dog visited me.  I have to say I never really use to believe in animal totems and I can say that I don’t know anything about them, because I haven’t bothered to research it yet.    This dog is one of my spirit guides.  I know why now.  It is to open my mind to how we are all connected – humans, animals, nature, and the planet.


While I was listening to Mashhur I couldn’t help think about how we humans are not taking care of our planet, nature and animals…some of which are at the brink of extinction.   Now I get it.  The majority of people are plugged into Morphic Fields that puts the individual above others and the planet.



Around the world people are competing with nature and animals for land.

More houses are being built in areas where animals live.    Like people in Florida who have homes in swamp areas where crocs have always lived.  Where these crocs suppose to go?

Who cares because we are more important right?

People in India and Africa put up with Lions and Elephants coming onto their land…except these animals have lived in this habitat for years.


There is a clash.  Who or what is more important?    Who should leave?  In other words without even realizing it, our collective field is stating….’who should become extinct’?    This is actually a Morphic Field that all 80ish% of the world’s population have plugged into.  The Morphic Field of ‘humans matter and nature doesn’t’.    To unplug from this field…people would have to plug into a field where all life matters.  A lot of people are not ready or are very unwilling to plug into this other Morphic Field.   If I bought a nice big house in Florida would I be willing to move house to make or share space with nature and crocs?   So I guess this is why Mashhur talks about needing to connect to the Sun firstly, in order to be in an energy consciousness that contains neutrality and being non-judgmental.



Natural Disasters –   I had to think about whether to include what he had to say about natural disasters since a lot of people lose loved ones, their homes, their jobs.   After a vision I received during meditation I could relate somewhat to what he had to say.   He points out that nature knows what it is doing – natural disasters connect people to lower chakras for healing.   .   Chaos happens when the earth or consciousness is moving forward.   Chaos, when confronted and resolved, helps us to keep up with this forward movement.



The vision board is a tool used to help you unplug.  I think it is very much like visualization except you picture a screen in front of you and watch yourself unplug.


The Rings of Harmony is basically that.  A set of rings you can download via visualization or thought.  It is used to protect you especially when just beginning to access one of the Stars such as Maia.   But it isn’t just for that, you can use the Rings of Harmony for any issue you may currently be going through.    The Rings help you to detoxify your Field.   Your field can also be linked to past lives, ancestors, family, friends, media and so on.   I liken this somewhat to imagining a protective white light around you but at same time it is something different.


So if you are lacking abundance you would firstly connect with the Solar Sun (not the central sun).  This sun helps us to be neutral and non judgmental.    Imagine the sun’s ray going through you.  Do this every-day for around 10-30 minutes.   When you start connecting to this vibration of neutrality – manifestation starts to happen fast.   From the Sun Consciousness you can transform your life.  The only limitation stopping you would be if you are connected to unhelpful Morphic Fields – so disconnect from them.    The Sun helps us to be non-judgmental so that we can see or hear information that we might otherwise disregard or not be ready to comprehend.



Here are some examples he helped some viewers with. 


A lady asked what she could do about the fact she believed or felt that she could never fit in with others.  She always felt like an outsider so to speak.     He pointed out that she passed through the star Maia thus needed to reconnect with Maia’s energy.   She needed to use the rings of harmony around herself, and all life times on a regular basis.


Another person spoke about how they could not lose weight.   He pointed out she needed to disconnect from that Morphic Field and reconnect to another.  He suggested that the word ‘lose’ and its processes belonged to the Morphic Field of ‘losses.   Whenever we lose something we feel bad such as losing money, friendships, jobs etc.   He pointed out connecting to a Morphic Field that relates to ‘donating’ to others.   So, you imagine you are plugged into a field of ‘donating’ and donate food you don’t want your body to hold on to – to another country where famine might be taking place.  So it is about getting or plugging into the right energy or Morphic Field.


Another person stated that their intuition had become very strong but she was unable to follow through (interesting as I had this problem).  He suggested releasing density using the Rings of Harmony around one self and one’s past lives.


So there you have it.  If anyone wants to add to this or correct anything I might have got wrong, please do.  Like I said I’m still processing this information.  He also talks about holographic programs but I’m not going to go there yet.   Lastly you may be wondering why ‘plug in, morphic fields, stars and suns’ or maybe not hehe.  Mashhur points out because we are in a digital/technological age so to speak.    The age of Iphones, Ipads etc so new tools are required to match the accession.


Here is the link to  hear Masshur Anam, you will need to register via email.  It is free to join.




Christie Marie Sheldon doing her stuff.

December 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, if you have read previous posts you’ll know I really like Christie Marie Sheldon and what she does.  You can find the posts under ‘members stories – manifesting and asking questions.  Below is a fantastic opportunity to get to see Christie Marie in action and tell a little bit about herself.  In this video she talks about energy and how she clears it from people.

CHECK it out…

Energy healing.      Millions of people swear by it, but it’s still by and large a mysterious subject for most.   In this video you’ll see energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon perform energy healing on her clients.

She taps into their energy fields, and removes what she calls “Abundance Blocks”, which are sneaky subconscious thoughts and energy patterns silently sabotaging their lives.

According to Christie, there are 25 main Abundance Blocks in existence – and everyone is held back by at least a few of them.

It could be thoughts unconsciously implanted by your parents like “eating healthy is difficult”.  Or it could even be hidden negative charges cultivated by the media or your mentors.  You won’t believe what happens to these people once their Abundance Blocks are lifted.

Check it out, and prepare to be inspired:  A behind-the-scenes look at a real energy healing session