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How I see God daily.

September 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

Day 3:


Five of Cups / Nothing = ?


It was a pretty carefree day thus I wondered how I could of seen God today.   ….I kept getting ‘nothing’.    I knew that ‘nothing’ probably meant something because of the energy I felt behind the uneventful day I had been having.   I mean I left work without taking any home with me.  Although I was expecting a call at home from a work colleague about a task she wanted help with.  only to have her call and say…”everything had been taken care of, they got everything done and there was ‘nothing’ I needed to do.   The energy of ‘nothing’.  There was ‘nothing’…. ‘I needed to do.  There was nothing required of me.

Here’s some tidbits about the word ‘nothing’ throughout the centuries.

George Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel: The Absolute is Pure Being. The Absolute is Nothing. The Absolute is Becoming.


Johannes Scotus Eriugena:  God created the world out of “nothing” is to be interpreted as the “nothing” here is synonymous with God.

Descartes: there was matter, and there was extension of matter leaving no room for the existence of “nothing”.


Depending on ones own perspective.   Nothing can be reaching a state of nirvana or the loss of something or someone.  Nothing doesn’t always equal loss as most of us believe.


Nothingness has an energy.   When you sit in or with ‘nothing ’ energy you have a sense of being a huge empty vessel.   An empty vessel spiritually is paramount for spiritual growth.  It is like wiping the slate clean…which takes work spiritually.  To be an empty vessel you have to get rid of you emotional garbage.


I thought the 5 of Cups Tarot Card (Rider Waite) fit nicely.   Here we have a card representing loss of some-kind.   But this card also depicts that although loss has occurred because three cups have split…there are still two cups standing upright.

This is when the ‘beauty of nothinging-ness’  can appear – an empty vessel.    I think this leads to a sense of oneness with the world because you realize you are the world.  There is nothing you need!  I feel this is the difference between being wherever you want to be in life AND happily fulfilled versus being where you want to be in life AND NOT fulfilled and unhappy.

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