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How speaking your truth lets you work in your root chakra. Your Base.

September 26, 2013 in Chakra

How speaking your truth lets you work in your root chakra.  Your Base.



Root chakra and the other chakras


Today I had the honor of watching a youth drama group perform a powerful story depicting youth, drugs, violence and how they end up in prisons or detention centres.  These teenage actors did such a brilliant job…that some audience left as it provoked memories for them, others were in tears, and at times there were funny moments in the show that had the audience in stitches.  I had so many emotions…I was saying to my friend beside me….how great the show was, how believable the characters were and so on.  The show ended with a standing ovation.

Then… the actors asked for feedback…

One by one people in the audience stood up and shared what they thought or felt about the show.   I soo wanted to say something…but my legs didn’t want to get on up.  I felt shy, scared.  I bitched…

…if only I wasn’t sitting in the front row.   Then it would be easier to get up and say that they rocked!.

…And then I contemplated that this wasn’t just about me! but about giving the students who had worked hard on their performance…respect and valuable feedback.

…And then I resided myself to the opinion that I didn’t need to say how I felt about the play because others would….so why repeat.


Have you ever had that experience… of being so moved by someone or something that you wanted to leap in the air and holla at the world about it, but didn’t!


When you don’t speak up, it can leave you feeling icky.  When not expressing yourself becomes normal, you can end up losing ‘you’.   You may not realize this is happening but there can be tell tale signs such as feelings of disappointment in yourself and even numbness because you have done it so many times you are just use to not speaking up.


But there is something else about not speaking up  – it can impact on your Root Chakra.

What the heck is the ‘Root Chakra’?

The Root chakra is one of many Chakras we have in our energy body.   It is very real.   Ever had a dreaded feeling in your gut or butterflies in your tummy?   Sure, it is instincts or nerves yet, it’s also where your Root Chakra is located. Near the bottom of your spine.

Think of the root chakra as an energy wheel in your body.  This wheel is what helps keep YOU feeling grounded, balanced, secure and most importantly, is basically the ‘base’ of you.


Your Root Chakra can be thought of as what you are standing upon.   Do you feel like you’re on shaky ground or solid ground?   Can you cope with whatever life hurls your way or do you feel insecure about a lot of things?


Whenever you don’t speak up, you are not honoring who you are.  This can cause or create an imbalance with your Root Chakra.


Speaking your truth even if it brings up fear, embarrassment, feeling silly, being judged etc empowers you via a couple of differing ways.   It strengthens your base / root chakra or gets you working through or into this chakra.     When your root chakra is balanced, you feel empowered and have a sense of being ‘safe’.   Safe to be ‘you’.  Safe to take on anything the world tosses your way.


PS:  Back to the show I attended.  I took a deep breath and stood up in the front row of a packed theatre and spoke my truth.  I told the actors, “I couldn’t get over how every character played their part to perfection and that I loved the show”.

I sat down, knowing that what I had just done…was something people do – all the time.  Working from their root chakra.  Empowering themselves in this way.   It was something I too chose to do.

Here’s the thing though about ‘speaking up’.   It is being aware of whether we are speaking our truth.  Not speaking up is communicating….it is just more likely that it isn’t our truth.


This week perhaps look at whether you work through your root chakra.  We are all very special.  Our contribution is important to others.  Do you express, share – what only you can give – in the way – only you can give – to the world.  Each opportunity you choose to express your voice…strengthens your root chakra.   The chakra that is your foundation.


Heres some little bits about communicating:

  • it is not only through speaking that communication happens.  We express in many ways…verbally, dancing, mime, acting, painting, singing, facial expressions and so on.  Is there something you need to express?
  • Communicating is a two way event.  One person sends a message to another person.  So there is a speaker, content/message, and receiver (so to speak).  The speaker and receiver can change roles.
  • The type of ‘speaking up’ –  I’m writing about on this blog post…is ‘your voice’, your ‘inner truth’ that requires expression.  Not expressing this ‘truth’ impacts on your root chakra.  Expressing it helps to strengthen this chakra.  A balanced Root Chakra helps you feel safe and secure in your world and anything you are dealing with.

Heres a song I saw on the same day, after I saw the play.  I just knew this song spoke for youth that  perhaps are finding themselves struggling with family violence, drugs and so on.  This is dedicated to all the youth out there.

Happy new year and new pathways

January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

As we enter 2013 the Aquarian age it will become much easier to tune into and work on whatever is holding us back from achieving our desires.   It is the perfect time to go beyond ‘your new year’s resolutions’ and instead identify ‘conclusions’ that have impacted on who you are presently.  ‘Conclusions’ allows you to take off the blindfolds you have been wearing.


For instance if you have been struggling finding employment and your resolution for 2013 is to ‘get a job’ then take it one positive step further and identify what ‘conclusions’ you have about your ability to get a job…such as – ‘too many people going for the same job, I don’t have the confidence, I just don’t have what it takes, my family – if only they would support me or leave me alone, and so on’.


By taking off the blindfolds or seeing these conclusions… you can start to see the paths that were once hidden from you.   For instance…If you don’t think you have what it takes to get a job, then change your resolution from ‘getting a job’ to the newly revealed path of ‘being bold and courageous’.   So when your applying for a job you don’t need to focus on ‘getting the job’ but just focus on being your courageous self.  Ask yourself ‘am I feeling courageous, Am I acting with bold intent?’   What is really significant about setting these new pathways from the conclusions you have had is a sense of your own inner power and not relying on outside circumstances.  You are your source of income not the job…so to speak.


If your resolution is to ‘make friends’ then take off the blindfolds and see the new path…perhaps the pathway is to ‘be a friend’ in order to achieve your desire.  Again this enables you to work from within rather than relying on others outside of you.


If your resolution is to ‘be confident’ then identify the ‘conclusions’ you have about being confident and take off the blindfolds.   Maybe the pathway to confidence requires you to do something once a week to make you feel good about you.  For instance treating yourself to a coffee with a friend where you get to vent once a week or spoiling yourself in some way.   So instead of stating your new year’s resolution is to be confident – make it that your pathway is to spoil yourself once a week by doing….(fill in the blank).