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Happy new year and new pathways

January 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

As we enter 2013 the Aquarian age it will become much easier to tune into and work on whatever is holding us back from achieving our desires.   It is the perfect time to go beyond ‘your new year’s resolutions’ and instead identify ‘conclusions’ that have impacted on who you are presently.  ‘Conclusions’ allows you to take off the blindfolds you have been wearing.


For instance if you have been struggling finding employment and your resolution for 2013 is to ‘get a job’ then take it one positive step further and identify what ‘conclusions’ you have about your ability to get a job…such as – ‘too many people going for the same job, I don’t have the confidence, I just don’t have what it takes, my family – if only they would support me or leave me alone, and so on’.


By taking off the blindfolds or seeing these conclusions… you can start to see the paths that were once hidden from you.   For instance…If you don’t think you have what it takes to get a job, then change your resolution from ‘getting a job’ to the newly revealed path of ‘being bold and courageous’.   So when your applying for a job you don’t need to focus on ‘getting the job’ but just focus on being your courageous self.  Ask yourself ‘am I feeling courageous, Am I acting with bold intent?’   What is really significant about setting these new pathways from the conclusions you have had is a sense of your own inner power and not relying on outside circumstances.  You are your source of income not the job…so to speak.


If your resolution is to ‘make friends’ then take off the blindfolds and see the new path…perhaps the pathway is to ‘be a friend’ in order to achieve your desire.  Again this enables you to work from within rather than relying on others outside of you.


If your resolution is to ‘be confident’ then identify the ‘conclusions’ you have about being confident and take off the blindfolds.   Maybe the pathway to confidence requires you to do something once a week to make you feel good about you.  For instance treating yourself to a coffee with a friend where you get to vent once a week or spoiling yourself in some way.   So instead of stating your new year’s resolution is to be confident – make it that your pathway is to spoil yourself once a week by doing….(fill in the blank).