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How speaking your truth lets you work in your root chakra. Your Base.

September 26, 2013 in Chakra

How speaking your truth lets you work in your root chakra.  Your Base.



Root chakra and the other chakras


Today I had the honor of watching a youth drama group perform a powerful story depicting youth, drugs, violence and how they end up in prisons or detention centres.  These teenage actors did such a brilliant job…that some audience left as it provoked memories for them, others were in tears, and at times there were funny moments in the show that had the audience in stitches.  I had so many emotions…I was saying to my friend beside me….how great the show was, how believable the characters were and so on.  The show ended with a standing ovation.

Then… the actors asked for feedback…

One by one people in the audience stood up and shared what they thought or felt about the show.   I soo wanted to say something…but my legs didn’t want to get on up.  I felt shy, scared.  I bitched…

…if only I wasn’t sitting in the front row.   Then it would be easier to get up and say that they rocked!.

…And then I contemplated that this wasn’t just about me! but about giving the students who had worked hard on their performance…respect and valuable feedback.

…And then I resided myself to the opinion that I didn’t need to say how I felt about the play because others would….so why repeat.


Have you ever had that experience… of being so moved by someone or something that you wanted to leap in the air and holla at the world about it, but didn’t!


When you don’t speak up, it can leave you feeling icky.  When not expressing yourself becomes normal, you can end up losing ‘you’.   You may not realize this is happening but there can be tell tale signs such as feelings of disappointment in yourself and even numbness because you have done it so many times you are just use to not speaking up.


But there is something else about not speaking up  – it can impact on your Root Chakra.

What the heck is the ‘Root Chakra’?

The Root chakra is one of many Chakras we have in our energy body.   It is very real.   Ever had a dreaded feeling in your gut or butterflies in your tummy?   Sure, it is instincts or nerves yet, it’s also where your Root Chakra is located. Near the bottom of your spine.

Think of the root chakra as an energy wheel in your body.  This wheel is what helps keep YOU feeling grounded, balanced, secure and most importantly, is basically the ‘base’ of you.


Your Root Chakra can be thought of as what you are standing upon.   Do you feel like you’re on shaky ground or solid ground?   Can you cope with whatever life hurls your way or do you feel insecure about a lot of things?


Whenever you don’t speak up, you are not honoring who you are.  This can cause or create an imbalance with your Root Chakra.


Speaking your truth even if it brings up fear, embarrassment, feeling silly, being judged etc empowers you via a couple of differing ways.   It strengthens your base / root chakra or gets you working through or into this chakra.     When your root chakra is balanced, you feel empowered and have a sense of being ‘safe’.   Safe to be ‘you’.  Safe to take on anything the world tosses your way.


PS:  Back to the show I attended.  I took a deep breath and stood up in the front row of a packed theatre and spoke my truth.  I told the actors, “I couldn’t get over how every character played their part to perfection and that I loved the show”.

I sat down, knowing that what I had just done…was something people do – all the time.  Working from their root chakra.  Empowering themselves in this way.   It was something I too chose to do.

Here’s the thing though about ‘speaking up’.   It is being aware of whether we are speaking our truth.  Not speaking up is communicating….it is just more likely that it isn’t our truth.


This week perhaps look at whether you work through your root chakra.  We are all very special.  Our contribution is important to others.  Do you express, share – what only you can give – in the way – only you can give – to the world.  Each opportunity you choose to express your voice…strengthens your root chakra.   The chakra that is your foundation.


Heres some little bits about communicating:

  • it is not only through speaking that communication happens.  We express in many ways…verbally, dancing, mime, acting, painting, singing, facial expressions and so on.  Is there something you need to express?
  • Communicating is a two way event.  One person sends a message to another person.  So there is a speaker, content/message, and receiver (so to speak).  The speaker and receiver can change roles.
  • The type of ‘speaking up’ –  I’m writing about on this blog post…is ‘your voice’, your ‘inner truth’ that requires expression.  Not expressing this ‘truth’ impacts on your root chakra.  Expressing it helps to strengthen this chakra.  A balanced Root Chakra helps you feel safe and secure in your world and anything you are dealing with.

Heres a song I saw on the same day, after I saw the play.  I just knew this song spoke for youth that  perhaps are finding themselves struggling with family violence, drugs and so on.  This is dedicated to all the youth out there.

Kundalini and the Chakras.

February 17, 2013 in Chakra

Kundalini and the Chakra System.

If you think of portals what comes to mind.  For me it brings up ‘doorways’ to someplace else.  When it comes to the chakra’s that each person possesses, I’d like you to think of chakras as doorways or portals.    Once you start working with your chakras it is important to understand you are opening doors that will have an impact on your life.  Both positive and negative.  The negative though is in a sense a positive if you understand that the negativity you may experience is really about clearing any old patterns such as self sabotage etc that you may be holding on to.


There is a lot more to the chakra system than what I am going to share but I’m starting off with the basics and what I have learnt.   The most common chakra system known to the average person is that we have 7 chakras or portals.  There is actually more chakra’s than this though.      If you want to know about your chakra and learn how to clear or open them, then it is even more important that you educate yourself on Kundalini energy and also read what you can about the chakra system coming from an Indian/Hindi perspective.    The Indian knowledge goes back thousands of years..and is well documented.  Otherwise you could also learn what you can about the ‘holy spirit’.

What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is energy and enlightenment.  Kundalini happens when chakras are open (usually).  Kundalini is what a lot of people such as gurus spend years trying to obtain.   Kundalini is in every human being although is in a dormant state and usually stays asleep one’s entire life.  It can awaken via meditation, yoga, opening chakra’s, via grace of god…think of the holy spirit and what you know about it.  Simply put Kundalini is a powerful energy within you already.

Kundalini awakening is just that…you become awake; you notice the dream world or reality you have been living in and may feel bliss or despair.  If you are naturally happy and spiritually aware when Kundalini opens then you are more likely to feel bliss.  On the other hand if you unintentionally awaken Kundalini before you are ready, you are more likely to suffer from moments of depression, fear and so on because you are not ready to face your truths and the energy is very powerful.

Kundalini is represented by the symbol of ‘a snake’ usually the cobra.   The snake represents ‘energy’.  Universal energy or one’s on true powerful self come alive.     In western society a snake is also represented as a symbol in medical fields.  (Although most people don’t realize or recognize this or relate it to Kundalini).   This can be strange, especially for those people coming from a Christian background and have always viewed the ‘snake’ to be evil because it tricked Eve and then Adam to eat the fruit from the tree which resulted in them waking from their dream world and into a self awareness.    So it is something to be aware of…that there is a chance while working on your chakra that you may awaken this kundalini energy that has always been within you, and that your reality of the world as you know it…will be changed.  There is no going back to sleep.


The benefits of Kundalini is the fact that you wake up and see things as they are.   You are more likely to be able to manifest your desires quickly because your energy is strong.   You will find that you will be at peace with yourself and the world and reaching higher states of enlightenment or get that you and everyone else are spiritual beings.

So in the Indian culture Kundalini is most commonly linked to Shakti and Shavi and the serpent.  In the Christian culture it is most commonly linked to the Holy Spirit.  Thus Buddha and Jesus Christ were two beings who were both considered ‘enlightened’.

When I think about the story of Adam and Eve in the bible…symbolically.  It seems a story about a spiritual awakening…or receiving knowledge from the universe, higher self/ source or in other words biting fruit from the tree.  Once receiving the information, or becoming aware of something – you may be full of fear or full of acceptance depending on where you are at spiritually.     Awaking Kundalini either partially or fully will require you to see or face things about yourself or the world that you may or may not be able to handle.   Adam and Eve were unable to handle that they were naked.  Or in other words they were unable to accept their vulnerabilities or see the real them.    Thus they were unable to see God in all glory or themselves in the same manner.

The Chakra’s.

Most commonly known is that we have 7 chakra’s or spinning wheels or portals .  These chakras cannot be seen with the human eye or any human devices as yet.  It can be seen or felt via the third eye / intuition.

The chakras are usually fine and need nothing done to them if you live a healthy balanced life…such as eat and exercise daily, have a happy attitude, accept and then deal with problems you face rather than avoid problems and so on.   When you don’t live in this way (which is mostly everyone at various times in their life) then your chakras can begin to get dirty or blocked or closed off.

Each of the seven chakras represents an aspect of life and is located or runs along the spinal cord.

The first chakra known as the root chakra is located around the groin area.   This area is also where Kundalini energy lies dormant.  Awaking kundalini energy is not easy…it requires a lot of spirituality type of work such as meditations and so on.    The root chakra is the colour red.  This chakra is all about grounding one self.    This chakra is about the physical usually, such as material wealth, balanced lifestyle etc.   If you are struggling financially and never have enough then most likely this chakra is blocked.


Questions you can ask yourself based on the root chakra:

Do I have a stable living environment?

How do I handle situations that go wrong?

Do I have abundance (money, friendships, love etc) in my life?


The second chakra known as the sacral chakra and is the colour of Orange.    It is located below the navel.   This chakra is linked to emotions such as how you deal with things but also your vibrations.  For instance if you live mainly from a high vibration such as love or a low vibration such as fear or anger.   This chakra also deals with your creativity and passions.    Lastly it is also linked to relationships with yourself, others like partner, family, co-workers.    Thus there is a lot associated with this chakra.

Questions you can ask yourself based on the sacral chakra:

Where am I emotionally?  (Are my emotions stable or usually all over the place)

Where am I vibrationally? (Do I usually see things positively or negatively?)

Am I living my passion…do I know my purpose?

Am I focused or do I find it difficult to focus or complete things?

Can I say I have supportive relationships in my life?

Do I feel blocked when it comes to relationships?


The third charka is known as the Solar Plexus Chakra and is located between the lower ribcage and above the navel area.   This chakra is Yellow.    This chakra is all about ‘personal power’.   This is whether you take action and go after your dreams.  Whether you believe in yourself thus I guess this is one of the places your beliefs are held (for some people)…in this area of your body.

Questions you can ask yourself based on the Solar Plexus Chakra:

Do I believe I can change my life?

Do I struggle with taking action?

Do I have high self esteem or low self esteem?


The forth chakra is known as the Heart Chakra and is located in the center of the chest.  This chakra is Green.    When you think about the ‘heart’ symbolically what comes up for you.  The heart chakra is about compassion, love that is pure and so on.   The ‘heart’ to me from what I have learnt and experienced is all about coming from a place of non judgmental mentality.    When you are not judging you must be coming from a place of acceptance or compassion.  If your coming from a place of  compassion then you must be coming from a place of non judgmental love…at that moment in time.

So when you think about the heart chakra…it is most commonly thought of as either being open, partially open and active or the other way around …damaged, inactive or closed.

Questions you can ask yourself based on the Heart Chakra:

Do I like helping others?

When was the last time I helped another being?

Am I more open minded or more closed minded? (how do I react to changed or new situations for instance).

The fifth chakra is known as the Throat Chakra and is located in the throat area.  This chakra is Blue.    This chakra is all about communication on various levels.   Such as standing up for oneself.  Listening to intuition.   Expressing  feelings.  How well we can communicate our truth to others without causing damage to another being or our self.

Questions you can ask yourself based on the Throat Chakra:

Which do I mostly do…bottle up my feelings or express my feelings? (in both happy or sad experiences).

Am I in touch with my intuition or gut feelings and express them via taking action or speaking? (in other words do I speak my personal truth).

Is there some thought or feeling I’ve held on to for a while that has not been expressed?


The sixth chakra is known as the Brow Chakra and is located between the eyebrows.   This chakra is purple.    This chakra is all about psychic stuff.  The most common thread that most spiritual guru’s will state is that every human being is born intuitive or has ‘instinct’, but not all beings are able to hear or follow their intuition or gut feelings for a variety of reasons such as upbringing.

Questions you can ask yourself based on the Brow Chakra:

Am I intuitive / do I believe I am capable of having instincts that can warn me or help me?

Am I able to identify circumstances in my life that come from a moment of hearing, sensing or following intuition?

Have I ever acted on a feeling, notion etc?


The seventh chakra is known as the Crown Chakra and is located at the top of the head.  This chakra is White.    This chakra is all about how connected one feels to the universe, god, or spiritually.   Basically whether you believe or feel connected to a higher source which can also be your higher self.


Questions you can ask yourself based on the Crown Chakra:

Do you see yourself as not only a human being but a multidimensional being such as a spiritual being, or made from energy/electricity, have an aura, etc ?

Are you actively looking for answers regarding life etc?

How connected do you think you are to spirituality or God etc?  Is there a connection?


There is a lot more to the seven chakra’s above, this is merely an overview.  There are also more chakras but these seven are just for starters.

Now that you know some things about the chakras you may be wondering what now?

If you think you may need some clearing up of certain chakras.   Know that just by doing some of the things that represent that particular chakra will help to clear it up.  For instance if you feel that your throat chakra is blocked then taking the time to express your feelings will help to unblock this chakra.


Otherwise what you can do…is spin your chakras…(there are also other ways besides spinning them).   This comes down to visualizing or just putting the intention out there…to spin your chakras.   When your chakra is spinning you want to imagine that it is clearing away negativity or opening up / expanding…becoming brighter.    You want to work on one chakra at a time.  I recommend doing this intuitively regardless of whether you think you are intuitive or not.    For instance know the colour of the chakra first then close your eyes and ask …what colour is ….chakra or what state is this chakra?  Wait a moment if nothing comes up or, take usually the strongest feeling / impression you receive.


Another thing you could do…is draw and colour a circle or just start drawing (doesn’t have to be a circle).  For instance if you were concentrating on your Heart Chakra…draw a circle and colour it in instinctually…either the correct colour in this instance…green…and see if you feel drawn to either – darken or lighten the colour green or feel compelled to add another colour/s.     Know that the chakras are separate yet connected.  So you may find that you colour your heart chakra green but feel compelled to add a red line or colour half of it black etc.

When I do a reading for a person…I might see their heart chakra as ‘green’ but then it turns ‘white’.   This could mean different things but intuitively I can work out whether it means the person feels ‘frozen or numb’ or the total opposite …the person is infused with love.

Other ways of balancing / working with your chakra can be through sound, prayer, yoga etc.


You are welcomed to add any other information or experiences you have about chakras.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.