I’m going to share what Panache Desai says about  ‘people and your life battles?.  Panache’s has this ability to get ‘you’ to see how amazingly infinite you are.  Panache is commonly known for stating…

‘you don’t have any problems,

there is nothing wrong with you,

you don’t need fixing,

you don’t need healing because there is nothing to heal –

when will you get that; that you are an infinite being’.

People who want to be more of  who  they truly are need to get that  you are meant to surrender to the raging river of life. You can try to fight against it, you can try to resist it and it will take a lot of your energy, a lot of your effort but there is another way…just let go.  Navigate instead of resisting.  For most people this letting go is not an easy thing to do but  it’s easier than the alternative people are currently engaged in…fighting the raging river meaning…wanting people to shift and change around them, wanting  global situations to be different.  All the resisting is actually robbing you of  peace and serenity  that is available to you  just by surrendering!   You are not suppose to be fighting against your life and trying to change OUTSIDE circumstances.

Panache says people have a belief that everything out  in the world is against them.  They have to fight for whatever they want.  The truth is though, that everything out there is actually in their favor.     Take the most annoying person in your life for instance – that person is actually propelling you into the fullness of who you really are.  There comes a point when you stop trying to fight against it, you stop trying to change it (that raging river/limitations) and instead you start embracing it, you start recognizing it,  start breathing it in and in that moment, something in you shifts, you recognize that every facet of your living experience is leading you more into you.  Most wake up calls people get are usually deemed catastrophic,  it rocks your reality, or shakes you up…the call that tells you, NO you are more, or there is something greater and it is and always has been, in you.


People have limitations  they claim as theirs to overcome, fight and resist…thus not surrendering.  I can’t do it, It never happens for me, I’m no good, I’m doing the best I can and I’ve had a terrible childhood.  Panache points out ….. fight it, fight on, continue claiming you are the victim…(really he does) because you will eventually become exhausted and  surrender.    You will come to a point when you continually fight against your unworthiness, or of not being good enough, low self-esteem  etc and realize the absolute un-work-ability of fighting / resisting limitation.   You can’t get to this realization without understanding resistance.  There is a certain level of resistance involved, a certain level of stress involved, in growing into more of you.    So the key is to FEEL it, to FULLY OWN IT, (surrendering) then you get to a point where you realize that your limitation/s is not you (whole) but a part of you.  You must accept all parts of you than fighting parts of you.  Trying to heal parts of you…  being an infinite being is about being inclusive to the part of you that is a victim.    So start to have a more inclusive relationship with yourself – the rage, anger, sadness, fear, all of it.    If you were to shift any of it you would not be you.

Everyone in your life is a messenger in disguise!  If someone annoys  you…realize they are a messenger.  Listen to what they are saying to you and get it.  Each person, each experience is leading you to be more fully into you… divine and infinite being that you are.    The ‘soul’ recognizes ‘ truth ‘ of every experience you have.    When  you surrender in the presence of the truth you vibrate in that and align with it.    In the presence of the truth you vibrationally open up.    Surrender to all parts of you and get you don’t need healing.  For instance…”I have low self-esteem, I really do and I’m fine with that, I absolutely love my low self-esteem etc” instead of “I really need to do something about my low self-esteem, I gotta change myself, be better , it’s unacceptable, it’s not the real me etc”.    Surrender Vs resistance.    Peace, trust and navigating Vs lots of energy and effort within a raging river.

So how do you surrender?

It takes a certain amount of awareness and being PRESENT in an EXPERIENCE.  Everyday we get silent pointers but we don’t listen.  A friend will tell you ‘you need to take better care of yourself.  A stranger will come up to you and say take care of your health, etc…  get it, that your infinite being is talking to you through people, through experiences/situations.   So be available to the blessings opening up to you RIGHT NOW…be present rather than worrying about what happened yesterday or might happen three days from now.     Also when someone says something to you that is the TRUTH it will really resonate within you….you will just know it is the truth,  it will stir you.   Truth is physiological, you feel it.    So when you get a ‘communication’ like that…pay attention.   Maybe someone says something that angers you –  surrender by being totally present to the experience and how it brings you more into who you are.    That is  the silent pointer or  the gentle nudge into infinity.    Realize that when someone angers you that they are only ever playing the role you need them to be in order for you to grow.

When thou hast profited so much that thou respectest even thyself, thou mayest let go thy tutor.   Seneca.

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