There are many wonderful spiritual speakers out there that speak about the importance of ‘asking’.  I have learnt many things from all of them that have had a  positive impact on my spiritual self-development journey.  Christie Marie Sheldon has to be there…at the top of the list followed by Rikka Zimmerman.

I have found that listening to Christie’s meditation has made things happen  fast.  I’m speaking within days…that fast!   I also need to mention that usually what you ask for comes to you but not always as you may think it would or should appear.  So when it comes to asking for something to happen, be aware that it may not come as expected.

For instance…asking for my family to become closer, soon afterwards I started to become annoyed that family members that I barely see or speak with suddenly started turning up at my door.   Then I realized….wait a minute!  I asked to become closer with family.    Another example job wise, a total stranger came up to me on the street as he mistook me for someone else.  Anyway he asked if I was interested in  work or knew of anyone interested in work –  now I expected to get work via applying for jobs via websites, newspaper etc but not someone coming to me on the street.  I have asked for the best job for me – money, my skills and personality wise.  I want a job that’s basically right for me.  The results have been interesting…I have been getting jobs for positions I never would have thought of applying for or actually didn’t apply for – but that’s what has showed up.  I took these jobs…all of them contract work and found I enjoyed the job/s thoroughly and met interesting people on my wavelength.

I swear by Christie, her stuff works and very fast!  With Christie’s meditation’s   you quickly learn how to be more aware of opportunity and when it knocks on your door and GRAB it regardless of what you fear.  For instance out of the blue I got a call from a company that had a position I had wanted for a while.  I wasn’t expecting a call from them, so when they asked me if I wanted the position and could start the next day, I thought about how I wasn’t ready and said ‘no’…even though they said all resources would be supplied.   I was happy with my decision as I felt I wouldn’t have enough time to prepare for the job.  The next day I kicked  myself for not realizing  opportunity had knocked and I turned it down because it hadn’t appeared as I would have expected it to.  I had asked for this position and it arrived and I didn’t see it.

So of course, I asked for this position or something similar again using Christie’s meditation….and about a month after, I actually met the person that took the position I said ‘no’ to.    We just happened to meet and struck up a conversation.   Our conversation lead to what we did for a living etc and yep she told me about how the company had called her and offered her the position I turned down.  By this stage I was surprised and yet I wasn’t.  She also told me that there was another similar position opening up soon and to get in by contacting them,  before it got advertised.   I knew, that meeting her was no coincidence and this was opportunity and the universe answering my question and helping me manifest.

So I guess I’ve learnt a lot about how I miss opportunities and usually based on some kind of fear such as thinking I’m not prepared enough.  I’ve also learnt how to notice opportunity and how it may come in various ways and at unexpected times.   That’s a big one for me…so I’ve learnt the importance of being ‘flexible’.   You know the saying that goes with positive affirmations….”this or something better may take place”.   That ending statement is all about being open or flexible to how what you want comes to you.

Lastly I’ve learnt about ‘GRABBING’ opportunity when it comes to you.  I used to think that you are suppose to prepare so that when opportunity comes you can grab it.  Now! I’m not so sure, maybe regardless of whether you think you are ready – all you are suppose to do is ‘Grab it’.   The universe will take care of the rest in various ways such as people who can help you and so on.   This doesn’t mean it is easy to grab those opportunities, but it gets easier to do so…trusting.   I mean trusting in that sometimes your opportunities can come in bits.

Also opportunity is plenty and always comes around when you ASK for them and then be aware when it arrives.  So there is lost opportunities but it doesn’t matter because there will always be more opportunities available.


In regards to Rikka – her website has freebies on it including some seminars that you can download and begin using right away – I highly recommend them.  Rikka is also fantastic and I found results quickly using her stuff.  I just prefer Christie.  Both people are great though.

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