Think of the movie ‘The matrix’.  Neo is on the ship Nebuchadnezzar  yet he is also in the Matrix.  He is in two places at the same time. 

Quantum jumping is similar only,  you travel to other dimensions to meet other versions of ‘you’ (Bear with me here, it worked for me). 

This other you is known as a – doppelganger or twin self.   In one universe there is a successful you, in another a homeless you, in another a 100% healthy you and so on.  If you wanted to know how to have more success in your life, you would go visit your successful doppelganger.  

There is some dispute on whether you are actually connecting with one of your doppelgangers or  your higher self.  I’ll leave that for you to decide.   If it works does it matter how.    I have a link at the bottom of page for the free 6 part course if you want to learn how to do Quantum Jumping.


First Quantum Jump experience:

I wanted to meet my 100% healthy doppelganger.  When I saw her, I remember looking her up and down as I shocked by how skinny she was (I’m slim about a size 10-11nz).  She would have been about a size 9 or petite 10. She was working in an office (I’m not an office worker).  I asked her how to be 100% in perfect health.  I then saw her in jogging gear running along a waterfront.   

Ok I asked myself ‘how do I know this wasn’t just my imagination’.  I guess it came down to this.  She was not what I was expecting.  

I couldn’t get over her jogging gear.  Later I realised it was to show me that it was a part of her life, so of course she would actually go out and get proper gears and not just put on any old t-shirt and shorts.  I’m not sure whether seeing her in an office means having a life balance or I should be working in an office.  

Then I remembered I was meant to be focusing on the vibration/energy my doppelganger had.  She was full of vitality. That’s the word that came to mind.

 I didn’t have these qualities. I had to think real hard about the last time I felt full of vitality. 

 Not long after this jump I remembered that around the age of 11-12yrs old, I experienced euphoria when running cross-country at school.  Prior to that I hated cross-country.   I never took it any further. 

 I started thinking about running but thought ‘naah’.

 Then I started noticing things like marathon articles in newspapers.  I decided to use the cross trainer in my lounge, it had not been used more than a couple of times since I brought it – a couple of years ago.  I knew that I would have seen my doppelganger in a gym if I was meant to run ‘indoors’.  So I decided to do a run around my local park. 

I am now training 5 days a week because I have signed up to do a mini relay marathon. 

I have to say that once I got over the embarrassment of running outdoors, I really like running, it’s challenging but not a problem, I love it. 

UPDATE:  29 February 2012.

I have done the marathon.  Wow what an experience.  I would never have had the courage to train and compete in the marathon without gaining insight through quantum leaping.   I also made friends with a group of other runners – two in particular.  This is pretty important as I find it so hard to meet people and build relationships.   I’m still continuing to train as I’ve realised it helps my mindset stay positive.   Although I find it hard to not have a goal to strive towards so I have looked at other events happening and will be entering the ‘tough guy and gal’ event in the middle of the year.

I understand that even though quantum leaping can give you the insight and also the vibrational energy you still gotta take the steps to keep that vibration.

Try Quantum Jumping .  Here you will find a  FREE 6 part course  on how to Quantum Jump and how others have found success.

Read about my 2nd Quantum Jump.  I visited my  successful doppelganger.  WOW this jump was concerning yet brought to my attention something I had no idea was blocking my progress. It has allowed me to instantly get rid of a  belief I held; quickly.  I’m stunned at how fast it worked.

Also look out on google for free webinars interviewing various leaders in transformation of body, mind and soul.  Keywords to use are ‘You wealth revolution, masters gathering, coaching with the masters, winter of wellness summit’.   There are some fantastic speakers and I’m pretty certain you will find some of these speakers enlightening.


Free 6 part course

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