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How to put endings in your world with ease.

September 10, 2014 in Uncategorized

When we look at rainbows we know it signifies the ‘rain’ has ended. We may not have any judgment of it either. I don’t recall a time when I got mad at seeing a rainbow. This week’s energy is about having a rainbow perspective of endings.



Endings can relate to you in many ways. Perhaps in your relationships such as how they have been a certain way. Or with a belief system you’ve held on to… like ‘I’m not good enough’. We usually look at things that are not working for us as difficult to end. But what if we were to start seeing endings like rainbows represent the end of rain?



It’s interesting that rainbows have the same beautiful colours you’ll find with the chakras. A reminder that when we consciously put endings in place, where it is needed… shifts take place on the chakra level, in a good way.




So this week the step I’m taking is, whenever a thought that’s  tied to a belief system that doesn’t support me pops up…I’m gonna imagine putting a rainbow on it because, my intention is to put an ending to it.

I know! It seems easier said than done.  We usually view ‘endings’ as difficult….even when it’s in our best interests.    Perhaps ‘shame’ is a culprit. Some part of us thinks we’ve failed thus chooses to struggle on rather than create an ending.

You can consciously choose to put in endings; you can consciously choose to put in beginnings or a replacement.




Endings can be a beautiful release, and like the saying ‘ there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow’, endings creates space for something else to come in. That ‘space’ may feel scary if it is out of our comfort zone, if it feels like the unknown.



But what is the unknown…just that! The unknown. It doesn’t have to be thought of as scary.   You’ve stepped into the unknown many times already. I know I have.


endings like rainbows



Follow through on your ideas but not all of them!

August 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

How to follow through on your ideas but not all of them!




your ideas no quitting maryintuitive



I really enjoyed  Maria Forleo’s latest video blog, enough to want to share it with you.   I hope you find it as helpful as I did.    Maria answers a 16 year old’s question on why he can come up with lots of ideas, make a start on them but ends up getting stuck on the follow through part.  The impact of this…  he was losing his confidence.   


I was struck by this young lad’s attitude and willingness to seek answers for himself.  And, he also asked a darn good question. 


I love Maria’s answer for him –  ‘you’re a dabbler and it’s fine’.  


I think, we all have come up with brilliant idea’s at one stage or another and  may have struggled to follow through on them.  And idea’s never stop coming for any of us.



Are you a dabbler?     Find out how you can make that work for you effectively. 





8 things about your pet.

August 27, 2014 in animals and animal communication, Uncategorized


8 things you might not have known about your pet.


8 things about your pet maryintuitive



8: Animals become our reflections:


It can be difficult when our beloved pet transitions to the rainbow bridge. The grief can be overwhelming. In time, we may get another pet and love this pet with all our heart, and want to give him or her a ‘home’. Yet, we may constantly think of our deceased pet. Which may bring up feelings of sadness and loss at not having our companion with us anymore.


Animals being telepathic can pick up these thoughts and feelings from their humans and can start to think of themselves as ‘the replacement’. Pets can say something like ‘when mummy looks into my eyes…she sees someone else’.



Sometimes this can result in the animal displaying various behaviors such as being aggressive with any other animals you may have in the house or choosing to be an outdoors pet when they were previously an indoor pet.




7: Animals can help us learn how to love again:

This is a usually a big lesson or healing that animals teach us. We don’t always pick up on it though. But animals can help us to learn that love isn’t contained to one being. We can love again. Even after hardship or the loss of a beloved pet.




6: Gosh animals are so gracious.

They always say hello and thank you. So each time you feed your pet or do something wonderful for them; in my experience you can count on it…that they’re saying thank you mummy / daddy ( telepathically).



cat animal communicator


5: Common things I hear from pets.

‘please change my water or clean my water bowl or refill my water bowl’, I’m sorry, and I love mummy / daddy’.




4: When a pet goes missing / becomes lost...

they can be apologetic about it. Especially if it is a young animal. A lost pet can pick up on their mum or dad’s feelings of fear, sadness or worry and this can in turn make the lost pet feel fear, worry and stay lost. They can be very apologetic and want their owners to know how very sorry that they got mummy or daddy worried.




3: Deceased pets:

 can be around your living pet/s or visit them at various times.





You might not know it, but you probably communicate with your pet more than you think you do.  Some typical telepathy communication going ons -


People in your home tell you….Rover always goes to the front door about 5mins before your car pulls up the driveway.


Or whenever you get home….there’s your pet…at your drive way or at the door….as if they were expecting you.


A random thought nudges at you to put some water in their bowl and as you do, you notice that the water bowl is pretty low or empty.


You skip a day of taking your dog for a walk at the usual time and feel guilty or bugged by it. Your pet could be projecting ‘hey what’s going on mum/dad… it’s our walk time’.  Or you wonder how you somehow got talked into walking your dog in the rain….by your dog.   




pets animal communicator


1: Cuddles:

Usually we think our pet demands cuddles from us. Yet, we may not realize, that it is also the other way round. Your pet is wanting to give you a cuddle.


For instance: Your pet might be picking up on your sadness and hops onto your lap or looks into your eyes and say’s to ya…(telepathically) ‘mum your sad…lets cuddle’ or ‘dad you’re really stressed – what you need is cuddles time’.


I prayed for skates and didn’t get them.

August 22, 2014 in angels, Uncategorized

maryintuitive I prayed for roller skates


When I was a kid, I really wanted ‘roller skates’. I wanted them so bad, that I plucked up the courage to ask my mum. She confirmed my initial thoughts – ‘unless money was about to fall out of the sky….I wasn’t getting roller skates’.




But this was a ‘wanting’ like I’d never experienced before. I had to have roller skates! Something had happened to switch a ‘light’ on within me. A light that said ‘having something wonderful was attainable’.




So I knew about God, thanks to church folks that had been recently coming to the house. They’d come into our lounge carrying a large ‘felt board’ with those cutout ‘felt’ people.  It was sometimes difficult remembering the stories they shared about Jesus because those ‘felt’ pictures sticking to material board was fascinating.




prayer maryintuitive


So I prayed for skates.

I prayed for God to persuade my mother. I prayed for money to fall out of the sky and to grow on a tree.  I then tried praying loud enough for my mother to hear.  I then used the loud prayers whenever another adult visited us, as in to embarrass my mother into buying me roller skates.   I prayed that I would be good, do the dishes and be kind to my little brother.  I’d never wanted anything so badly. I prayed everyday.  I never got roller skates.




When I was 15 years old, I had my first experience of prayer being answered. It was a time when I really needed a job. I remembered God hadn’t given me those ‘roller skates’.   But, I got down on my knees and began to pray as you would in church. Then I hopped into bed, and cried my heart out silently to God. I also told God, he had till that very Sunday 6pm to get me a job or else, I would never speak with him again.   I wanted God to take me seriously.  
Throughout that week, I was always alert to the phone, every time it rang. My impatience growing, when someone talked too long, what if God was trying to call (not literally of course :) ).   And by Sunday afternoon, a startling realization finally dawned on me… ‘what job calls you on a Sunday to tell you , you’ve been hired?’. Why the heck did I even give that date? I came to the conclusion that God hadn’t heard me.




But there was still this hope within me – that it could be possible.




Well guess what?




6pm came and my heart skipped a beat as the phone began ringing. I remember thinking to myself…’holy shit’ – as I ran to the phone. I also remember thinking to myself….’ the jobs I had gone for recently were already taken’. I couldn’t figure  out – how I’d get a job on this phone call.




The lady on the other side of the phone had interviewed me a couple of months earlier and thus someone else had already gotten the job. But, that person left.   She didn’t want to do new interviews and since I had been  2nd choice… I got the job.




I was filled with bliss and total awe. My prayer had actually been answered.





Then doubt and logic started to creep in. Did God really answer my prayer?   Perhaps it was just a coincidence. Perhaps I was psychic…and I only chose Sunday 6pm…because I saw the future …but consciously didn’t click.





I couldn’t say for sure.  It was a few years later I discovered the answer to this bugging question. 
Fast forward a few years later.   I’m  praying with all my heart to God again. The kind of prayer where ….I prayed for strength to cope with my lot in life. I prayed myself to sleep.
My prayer was answered that night via a prophetic dream. When I awoke, I was absolutely thrilled. That dream showed me things were not always going to be how I had envisioned …and it gave me ‘strength’. And, I thought that was that. But it wasn’t. There was more to come.





Months after having this prophetic dream….I had my first visit with angelic beings.

I was stunned by their visit. A part of me was like… ‘angels are real?’. Which may seem weird, that I’d pray to God and yet, not think about whether I actually believed in Angels.




I know that in the bible it states to be aware that you may at times be entertaining an angel without realizing it. In my experience of angels…there is no mistaking them. So, even though this was my first visit with angels….I knew instantly they were angels.  So I feel through various experiences, angels show up in different ways depending on the person and issue.  Perhaps I wouldn’t have acknowledged them otherwise.  





Anyway, my instincts told me to run…except I was too afraid to run from them.


My fear came up for two reasons….

A) they’re energy was overwhelming…so high vibration that it frightened me.  Along with…

B) I thought I’d be incinerated by being in their presence. I don’t know why I had thought this…except perhaps I had heard about it somewhere in passing. So at that moment, the visit from the angels had me thinking that I was in trouble. With these fears/thoughts running in my head…a light from these angelic beings ( a tiny tiny tiny fraction of it) touched me….and filled me with world peace and I knew then, they meant me no harm.
At that moment of ‘light energy’ contact, I knew why they were connecting with me.   They reminded me of the night I prayed and had the ‘dream’. They were there to let me know, the dream was about to happen. They then left. The dream part ….did indeed take place moments after they had left.




What I’ve learned is when your prayer comes from a place of absolute release,  a conversation that is both intimate as a child to ones father, source or creator; it’s heard. Some angels are I guess ‘messengers of prayer requests and prayer answers’.





Seraphims seem to have a part in prayer requests/answers. They delegate them and / or other angels in some way. I know some people may disagree because the bible says seraphim’s never leave God’s presence. Yet angels etc are multidimensional and can be in many places at once, so why wouldn’t that be the same with seraphims.
So, here’s the deal.
Angels – you can pray to them.

What’s important is the intention of your words, heart and feelings. In my experience – ‘pouring your heart out’. It is kind of like the prayer you do when you’ve ‘given up’. You give it all to God.





So do you need to be at that ‘giving up’ stage? It’s easier but No.   Although you need to get your heart and mind quiet. This usually happens when you allow all your feelings, thoughts, worries, fears, anxieties etc to completely come up during your conversation with God. Then ask for God’s help.

You may not realize or remember, that prayer is also about understanding, that your burden is no longer your own.

4)what may result from prayer is an unmistakable feeling (peace, love etc). Other times, you’ll feel a nudge to do something. Action action. The angels can’t help you if you don’t do your bit. When angels told me my dream was about to happen…I could of turned around and gone home but I didn’t. There have been other times when angels have answered my prayers and, I didn’t take it up. I always kicked myself for it afterwards….but guess what? The angels will always assist you.





5) There are prayers like serenity or abundance prayers which can be used. It isn’t you pouring your heart out though. But you can invoke these prayers….if again, you get yourself into your heart, and invoke the prayer with the intention that you deeply release all to God. The intention is important.




6) I know the next part is going to be hard for some people to hear.   Know wherever you find yourself in a situation / life – that angels/God loves you!   You are never unworthy when it comes to God and Angels. You can pray to them.



Have you had an encounter with angels or prayers answered? Another common way angels show up for you is through synchronicity.  Do you think you might or will consider prayer for yourself or another such as loved ones? Don’t be shy to share. Let me know how you feel about prayer, by commenting below.



August 2014 – spread your wings and fly, for it’s written in the stars

August 8, 2014 in Star signs, Uncategorized

August - spread your wings

It’s hard to comprehend August 2014 already conceived 1000’s of years ago. Our information is written in the stars. Even one’s own life-path.   August is all about Prayer! It really is. It’s wonderful too.


Before I carry on with what’s the haps for August.   I just want to let you know that Prayer can be utilized at any time.



Why prayer is  emphasized in August:

Everything is created from source – planets, stars, Angels and ourselves are connected. There is a saying that the universe is within us.    The ‘We are all one’ concept makes this so.   The planets and stars are aligned and has been traveling to reach this point in our evolution, for some time now.



Angels and the dark night of the soul

You might have prayed before but not really been able to hear the angels.    In August…that can change. You can start to hear, feel, see, know  the angels love and guidance for you.     Messages may also come through the dream state.

I highly recommend keeping a journal of your dreams this month.    You might not understand all the symbology but it can become clearer for you,  further down the road.    Some dreams are most likely to be messages from the divine.    I want to say ‘insights’ into your past and for some of us – the future.     This is why the angels are wanting to remind you that August is a wonderful time for Prayer.


Talk with them, put it out there – your fears, desires and expect a reply to show up for you. This month is written in the stars – as a perfect moment for contact with angels through prayer.



There is a little bit more to the prayer thing:

Many of us are coming out of a dark night of the soul episode.   It’s hard for me to explain what the ‘dark night of the soul’ means.   So in it’s simplest term –  it’s when something in your world starts to collapse, what use to be meaningful to you, no longer seems true.    It can be an emotionally painful experience.     But, an experience,  that when you come out the other side, you are transformed for the better.

Coming out of the dark night of the soul episode:

Transformation – letting go of the things in your life that doesn’t align with the things you are wanting to create in your world.

You’ll have more wisdom, finally see just how worthy you truly are  or  find you are more compassionate towards yourself, others and  mother Earth.  You may have a better understanding of your purpose in this life too and the strength to claim it.



You could liken an episode of the dark night of the soul to a Caterpillar’s metamorphosis.  

First there’s the Caterpillar, then a cocoon stage where  transformation from Caterpillar to Butterfly takes place.    In the cocoon, the now transformed Butterfly still has to come out of it’s shell.     The newly hatched Butterfly can move quicker with it’s wings and from the air – sees a new world.     Although the world has not changed only the Caterpillar has changed.




So for many of us…we’ve been in that cocoon – doing the transforming.    We’re out of the shell.   Which, leaves us feeling like we’ve got ‘brand new wings /  about to fly’ – stage.  This can be an unsettling time – you’ve never flown with these wings before. And, remnants of the old you, might still be popping up but only to be released.


Some of us might be feeling afraid of what is coming up…perhaps fearful thinking or bouts of pessimism. Remember these were aspects of yourself that held you back (so to speak).    Think of it like the Butterfly spreading it’s new wings, but a bit of the cocoon shell is still attached to it…say on the tip of it’s wing.   Those remnants will fall away.


The cocoon protected you as you went through the personal transformation, but even the cocoon’s protective shell needs to go, in order for you to spread your wings and fly.



So try not to be afraid, call on your angels to comfort you or inspire you. The angels can assist in various ways…strength, comfort, romance – soul mates, abundance such as freedom, joy, finances, the home and so much more.  It’s time to get those wings flying.


Where is it, you have been wanting change in your life?

That is most likely where the transformation has been happening for you, in order for you to have a more authentic life / life style that you’ve been praying for.


Ok peeps, I know that was a lot to read but, hopefully I’ve done enough to help explain the significance of prayers in August.


How has August been for you so far?  Have you been noticing the transformation taking place or building up to August…the month you get to try out those wings and fly?  Let  me know by commenting below.


How guides assist clients the most.

August 7, 2014 in Uncategorized


How guides assist clients the most.

how guides assist us the most


As an intuitive reader, I wonder if you can guess a really common theme that celestial guides help customers with.    Something each of us is always experiencing, a topic that can leave us feeling powerlessness and yet also have us reveling in joy.




The theme that the guides and angels most commonly assist with in readings is ‘the journey’. In other words – our life’s path. The Journey is all about ‘experiencing in the moment.



It is easy to forget, The journey is life, and is the path of you at all times. LifePath = living, You = the present.



A lot of times we see our ‘journey / life’s path’ as a ‘place’ to get to. It’s some street we’ll land upon and from there, we’ll finally walk into our best lives, our best self. The problem with this notion is that it’s all future based.



The best you and your best life is not in the future nor is it in your past. It’s in the present moment – the journey.




Who’s in the driver’s seat of your journey?

When nothing is going right.  Wishing life was different. If only….coulda, woulda, and shouldas keep playing in your mind and heart…those kind of journey’s always seems emphasized.   Fears and worries usually stem from reliving the past or fast forwarding yourself into the future to try to work out possible outcomes.    We only have the ‘now’ to do anything with really.



Worry exists that’s a given. Being present can really help create a positive shift in your actions.


‘The journey/ life path – what you should know.

Decisions: The ‘journey’ is always going to require you make decisions in your life. The fact is – we make decisions all the time. What to wear and eat.    Some decisions are gonna be about stepping out of your comfort zone. I use to really dislike making decisions. What I know is that when you avoid decisions – then life tends to happens to you.





When indecision takes place due to worries and fears (remember where they come from – past and future thinking) – hear out your thoughts and feel out your feelings.

happy spree


It’s kind of like happiness right.

Imagine you won a prize…a dinner at a restaurant you’ve always wanted or a shopping spree. You get all happy and warm fuzzy feelings come up.



And you choose to…

a) embrace it, you’ll experience the feelings.

b) try to ignore your joy, by pushing it way down in you so that you can no longer feel it.



Lets imagine you choose A and embrace the feelings, thoughts. After the dinner or shopping spree, you may still be embracing the buzz of it all. A few days later…that buzz is probably residing or completely gone. You don’t try to force the feelings you had of ‘winning’ dinner or a shopping spree to stay. And you’re probably not upset about it either…because you get that it’s an experience.



So what happened to that happy feeling and why is it, that in this kind of experience we don’t expect to have that moment for good?



When we embrace the feeling, it goes through us and is released. It’s why you can’t hold that feeling of joy forever.    With fear or worry etc…we tend to resist the embrace with everything we got…denial, alcohol etc. When we allow the embrace – the fear or worry eventually goes through us and is released.




letting go




Letting go – Other people or outside circumstances are usually out of our control. Our life path contains many moments of letting go.



Kindness – Be kind to yourself, let go of harsh judgments you have towards you and others. Yep by embracing them and releasing.   It is in the present moment we get to be our best self and live our lives. Being kind to yourself are some of the moments or lessons you can expect on the journey – your life path.






Adventure - Adventure entails trying new things, letting other things go, discovering ‘you’ in the experiences – your gonna come across ‘adventures’ on your journey. Your life path is about accepting you, discovering you, and that happens in experiences.





your not alone

You’re not an island – each journey is unique and yet many other people have similar journey experiences. Reach out to others – by having love for those who are also on their journeys. Reach out to your Guides, your guardians and celestial beings that are always on the path with you. They are very present energy and can give clarity, get to the heart of the matter to help you embrace wonderful and difficult times on your path.


You can have your dreams and goals:

Dreams and goals come from within us and the divine. In my experience – I finally understand that dreams and goals have an actual destination. Yep…the present moment. It is in the ‘now’ – you discover more about what you are passionate about, your strengths. It’s also the only time where you can create / refine or mold your dreams and goals.




Ways of getting Present – being on The journey:


  • Letting the future go for now:

Sometimes it can be so difficult to detach from the future when it is fear based or stops you taking action. In this instance you could try this. See yourself in the future. Go be there and allow your mind to backtrack all the steps, decisions you would of taken to have that future. Keep backtracking till you get back to ‘you’ in the ‘now’.



 If you like you could think of the future dreams as an aspect of your soul, holding a lantern….the light shines …not only to illuminate a path before you…but to shine a light on ‘you’.



breath meditate

  • Breathing – (I know I know) seems the solution for a lot of things. But hey, it works. Try it. Breath in and out naturally all the while focusing on your breath. This really helps to bring you back to the present moment. Do it as often as you need to.




  • MeditateGive yourself 5 minutes to connect to your environment. Come back to where you are right now. Are you sitting, standing, working on something? Do you feel cold, warm? What sounds are around you…traffic, birds, people? This helps to bring you back to the present.






So seize the day, your present experiences – both the ‘every one is beautiful and life is grand and the can it get any worse’… kinda feelings. Experience ‘the journey’ knowing both happy and sad times are meant to be experienced and released.




carp diem experiences


Where do our deceased animals go?

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Where do our deceased animals go?

When we mourn those who have left this world, we may seriously question whether there is life after death. We ask because of ‘love’. Because ‘love’ never dies but lives on. 


  • there really is a ‘Rainbow Bridge’ and this is where beloved animals go.



Some animals linger for a short time before making their way to the Rainbow Bridge. I’ve noticed that animals linger for a couple of reasons. (1) They choose to comfort their human family before heading to the bridge. (2) Interestingly, I’ve come across recently deceased animals that lingered because they were coming back. Yep, reincarnation.

I’m no longer surprised by whom I see clairvoyantly at the Rainbow Bridge. It’s a beautiful home for  animals that had some impact with humans such as pets and some zoo animals for instance.


When a deceased animal crosses the ‘bridge’ he or she will be greeted by deceased members of your soul family such as a parent, aunt, ancestor and other pet/s.   There are usually quite a few beings that show up.


Sometimes the main family member that greets your recently deceased animal companion can be someone that you knew detested animals or your pet.   Things are different in spirit.   We see the truth – we are all one. We see – there is only love.    We experience and give ‘love’,  that we might not have experienced in our life time, such as the unconditional love of animals.


Just like I’ve seen guardians at close proximity around some people before they pass away..the same can be said about our pets.    Guardians…whether it is a deceased parent or other deceased pet/s – they can show up days, weeks…prior to the pet’s death – to assist with transition to spirit realm as well as ‘greeting’ them again.


 So our loved ones don’t just greet us on the other side, but also greet us before we get there.  



When someone is nearing death…we usually gather around to comfort them. So it shouldn’t seem unusual that our beloveds in the spirit world, would also gather around to give comfort. The fact is ‘intuition’ shows – that they are always around us…just at a different frequency.  


Just like people who cross over go through a transition period so do our animal companions.

Some animals at the Rainbow Bridge…maybe in a healing mode… that their life on Earth is over. It is usually healing in regards to how they left this world. Such as the animal that wasn’t wanting to leave but was put down. This isn’t always the case. Some animals are put down due to illness / pain and are ready…while others are not. When they don’t want to leave… they – like humans…spend time in ‘healing mode’ on the other side.


I’ve found it is different to animals that pass very quickly and suddenly. They don’t seem to go through a healing mode but go straight to the lush lands of the Rainbow Bridge. They may though, drop in to say goodbye to their family or linger a little while to comfort their family before heading to the Rainbow Bridge.   We all do meet up again not just in the spirit realm but also via intuition.  


Love does not separate us but is the bridge.





Astro-Scopes starting week of 8th July 2014

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Astro-Scopes starting week of 8th July 2014


Beginning of the week:  The Sun with Archangel Uriel.

The Sun angel oracle tarot by Doreen VirtueThere is a real sense of grounding with this card due to some kind of clarity or wishes starting to actualize. At the same time there feels a real sense of divine guidance…whether this is through spirituality or metaphysical. The two (being grounded / divine guidance) have or are coming together. You may have started on a path not realizing it was leading you in a circle – coming full circle.

The message of this card is – Whether you think you have or have not…. done enough work on something such as a project, goal, career, study, family…the message seems to be that…you have! . And the next natural step is about continuing this growth via setting your sights on new goals or your ideas. Now these successes are ones of growth. And the growth can be spiritual, metaphysical, material, friendship/family, self development and so on.

If you think you didn’t do much, there probably was growth in that very way. Growth can be not only physically but mentally, emotional, and even releasing.    In summary – A sense of accomplishing goals in some area of your life that may have come with some trials and, now you can see things coming together. For others – recent experiences have revealed opportunity paths that you are only now noticing because you have come full circle/growth.

Will you ‘explore’ those opportunities/ideas? Know that sometimes with growth comes expansion/new goals or diversifying. You’ve come this far – have confidence in yourself and ideals.



Middle of the week: Ace of Earth

Ace of Earth Angel Oracle Tarot

There is a strong sense of family or business or perhaps a bit of both coming up in this card. It feels very heart based meaning deals with issues that pull at your heart in some way. There is a sense of having to let go of something in order for the new to come in. Yet this new to come in…can feel different because you maybe still thinking or doing in an old way.

So where in your life are you thinking or feeling that you still need some kind of crutch (for lack of a better word) that you don’t need anymore because you have the ability to do it now. For instance – the student who keeps going to the teacher for advice, when the student has already become the teacher but doesn’t realize it because still thinking and acting as if still the student. So take a look at business (work, goals, projects, study, finances) and know that you have the knowledge, experiences and ideas to stand on your own two feet. In family the same applies. The very final but not least ‘message’ of this card is “you are what you think”.

The guides said it so clearly and with such strong emphasis that it is important to think positively and check in with your thoughts. What you think about a lot tends to manifest in various ways. For instance you may actually start believing the thoughts which is not great if they are belittling self. You may begin seeing signs or confirmation of your very thoughts more often in your everyday world and the experiences with others.

If you are keeping wonderful thoughts about you and your goals/friendships/family/money and so on…you tend to make better or wonderful decisions that empower yourself and others. If you are keeping negative thoughts about various issues…you tend to make decisions based more often – purely on negative feelings such as fear, anger, stress, or overwhelm.


End of the week/weekend: Ace of Air and 6 of Air

Six of Air Angel Oracle Tarot Card

Ace of Air Angel Oracle TarotIt feels like the end of this week some of you may be taking a trip. Could be either physically or metaphorically. The outcome of the trip feels unknown and therefore requires from you, a sense of keeping the faith and trusting in yourself and,  that life has your back.

The trip may feel like you are  ‘jumping off of a cliff’.    The card reminds you that sometimes taking a leap of faith can feel that way.


At the beginning of the week Archangel Uriel “Sun” card came through and an aspect of this card was a strong sense of being both grounded (balanced in heart, mind and soul) along with receiving divine guidance.


Trust that if some form of a trip whether literally or metaphorically comes up for you, bringing with it, a sense of ‘icky feelings’…it is only because you are being asked to have faith in taking a step forward. in an area of your life.    Believe in you.   Believe that those in the spirit realm are also doing their very best to draw your attention to some matter… resulting or requiring you to take a leap and have faith in yourself.

Wanting to unwind?

June 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

Has it felt like the last week or so had you wanting to unwind?


And as you unwind all things you could or should be doing came up?


That is kind of what the planetary line up has many of us experiencing right now.


So take heart. Enjoy the winding down and allow it to also bring up priorities for you. It is a time to get clear on what you want in your life and how are you going about making it happen… and sometimes that requires doing some ‘me downtime’.


I’d pay attention to the kind of things you do at this time relating to ‘me downtime / unwinding / relaxing / taking a breather’. What’s in it for you or can pull out of it.


For instance: I’ve been watching dvd’s, something I haven’t done in a while due to working a lot. The selection too have been interesting.


I am number 4, Star Trek Into darkness, Slumdog Millionaire, Twilight, Marigold Hotel, Dances with Wolves. I’ve seen all these movies before and yet I wasn’t interested in getting out movies I hadn’t watched.

I guess I wanted what I already know.


Watching them again felt great! Like the meal that tastes great especially the next day…do you know what I mean.


It was comfort and total bliss watching these characters again. It reminded me too, of aspects of me. Some of the things I like and interests me.


Sci-Fi or Fantasy type stuff that is me.


Watching Slumdog Millionaire had me smiling – yes! life for the characters in the movie was hard, simple yet funny too at times.   Even a difficult life has many moments of laughter.   One of the earlier scenes in this movie showed children playing cricket with sticks etc on a runway for planes. Thus the police were mad and chasing the children and they’re the kind of police that would have no hesitation giving the children a beating. While the children ran from the police they would stop to give the police the fingers – so to speak.


It reminded me so much of a part of my childhood (although nothing like life in the slums) when all the children on my street played on the middle of the road. Sometimes we would play the game…poke fingers at the cars that drive by for fun game. Hilarious times!     A time when a car ride anywhere meant opportunities to make silly faces at cars that pulled up beside or behind ours.


Now as for the Twilight movie… I’ve read the series because my daughter insisted I buy each book as they came out, and she read them over and over, that I felt I really should read them and see what all the hypes about.


Written for teenagers but after the first book… I grabbed the other books to read too. The twilight movie I watched was ‘breaking dawn 1′ which I found hilarious.    I just don’t recall reading the book and finding it that funny.  I mean they really had Bella all skin and bones…not the most romantic thing to see but I couldn’t stop grinning at the creator/director of this movie going all out – in this way.


This Twilight movie had me laughing and reminding me how we can see things in a particular way. Illusions shattered. You weren’t going to see a beautiful Bella throughout the movie but a pretty scary looking Bella.


So all this unwinding made it clear to me that I needed to prioritize my schedule – and block in some silly me times where I could let loose and continue working towards my various goals.   That’s the kind of energy at the moment…wanting to unwind yet knowing this and that goal needs working out.  The goal is to allow yourself the unwinding time and noticing what comes up during that ‘unwinding’ time.      My unwinding time could of been to rest / take naps…or do some exercise but it wasn’t.  It was a reminder to remember I have a silly side and to have more silly type of fun…yet to balance that with my goals/career aspirations.  




In gratitude

April 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

In gratitude.



I’ve felt the pull to support others. Have you?



It is another way of being and experiencing ‘gratitude’. It’s a way of letting go instantaneously your own wants. Sometimes when you have desires or feeling chained  to outcomes…you might just find opportunities or experiences popping up in your world. Yet the opportunities have always been there. So keep a look out for them.   Be a leader…leaders help others, be the change you want to see in your world.



What is one thing you can do this week that leads you to gratitude?  One thing that lets you be the change you want to be and see – in your world?



I know…I’ve posted this image a couple of times now. I just love it.



Gratitude brings peace thebigjournal

Gratitude brings peace