About Me


About me

About me

Hi, I’m Mary.

I love helping others discover the magic that is within them.   I enjoy bringing to light ways of showing you how your challenges can be overcome with the guidance of  our divine guides.  We all have guides, we all are able to connect to our higher selves as well as call upon angelic help at anytime in our lives.

As an intuitive reader, I connect using various senses.   My strongest being clear seeing, hearing and feeling.   I often hear music from the angels and guides and one of my most powerful first psychic experiences was hearing angelic sound – it was out of this world literally.

Reading Style:

  • Intuitive – I connect to my guides, your guides, celestial beings and so on.   Depends on whom comes through :)
  • Honest – I have too much integrity for you to sugar coat your reading.
  • Helpful – Most feedback I receive from customers mention ‘ intuitive, helpful and kind’.
  • Non-judgmental – I like to be of assistance and am neutral when reading.


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