How to attain miracles using the ego and heart.

November 26, 2012 in Intuition

Emmanuel Dagher– Core Energy Therapy.

I was listening to Emmanuel Dagher and what he had to say about miracles.    I learnt so much new stuff from him about the ‘ego’.  You can click here to listen to the webcast.  If you have missed it, not to worry as the host Darius usually does replays again, so join up so you can receive emails of when he will put replays back on.

Ego versus Heart.

I had been experiencing a frustrating problem prior to listening to Emmanuel’s webinar call.  I had received what I could only describe at the time as ‘divine downloads’….you know, those ‘a-ha’ moments – when you get an idea that completely inspires you and you know at your core being that it is right.


If I told you that, across the road was the right job or partner you were looking for…Would you cross the road?   Well this is where I was stuck…I couldn’t cross the street.   Man I tried but it was just too difficult.  I was extremely aware that I was taking baby steps and that I was turning a simple quick action into a long arduous process.   I didn’t understand why I was procrastinating and self sabotaging.  I thought to myself ‘how is this possible?    Surely receiving ‘divine downloads’ meant that I was able to follow through with them?    Emmanuel answered this frustrating problem for me and I totally got it.


Firstly….a few things to clarify as there is a lot of information to understand.


What exactly do you mean by Divine downloads?

It’s those ‘a-ha’ moments you get.   It’s your intuition.    It’s also thought of as Miracles.

So is divine downloads from outside of oneself or within ourselves?  I used to think it was outside of us but now I realise that it is both.  We cannot get any divine downloads in the world we live in.   Currently we live in the 3rd dimension.  Divine exists in a higher dimension (the 4th / 5th dimension).

But people get divine downloads all the time!  

That’s because  we leave the 3rd dimension,  say through meditation or being very present in the moment…and go to another dimension where we are able to receive divine downloads or intuitive moments.    So all those intuitive moments you’ve experienced…well you left the 3rd dimensional world in order to access them.

The thing is though,  we – ourselves- access the divine, right!  Because the divine is actually always within us, all we did was raise our vibrations in order to step into another dimension.  The ‘devine’ download is really coming from our own ‘God self, higher self or I AM essence’ – that we are only able to access by stepping out of our current 3rd dimensional reality.        It’s like daydreaming or dreaming.  If you’re wide awake you’re in the 3rd dimension yet if you want to access daydreaming or dreaming – you would need to be in a relaxed state (your mind) to go to the dream- dimension.    Yet this day dreaming or dreaming has always been a part of you…it isn’t outside of you but comes from within you, you just had to take certain steps to access this part.


So how do you access this divine dimension?

Your ego and heart have to align. In order to be more intuitive your ego has to trust your heart.  So this means that your mind is not threatened by what the heart wants.   When the ego trusts the heart, it ‘makes way’ for the heart to express so to speak, and it is then, that you access divine downloads or in other words access your higher self, your intuitive self,  God self or I AM essence.


What is the ego? 

You have to start thinking of the ego or mind as the protector of your well-being.   A child that is very protective when it comes to the relationship.  That’s the thing, you and ego have a relationship…it can be a constant battle where the child is overbearing or it can be a mutual compassionate relationship where the child and you work together.  You may think this is ridiculous…have a relationship with ego…are you nuts?    This took me by surprise too.  But after doing the exercises that Emmanuel took us through…. to do less than have a relationship with the ego   is to deny your own awareness of self.   The ego is already within you and has always been with you.    It is not something you are meant to work at getting rid of.

The ego is thought of as the ‘child’ because of the similarities.   The purpose of the ‘ego or child’ is to experience things.  That is all it is meant to do.  Experiences using all of the five senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, speaking) like having a cup of tea, eating chocolate, smelling roses, riding a bike, hiking, laughing, crying, and so on ….’experiences’.     This never changes.  The more experiences you give your child access to, the more the child is in its natural state.  Your ego or child thrives on experiences.

Another reason the ego is thought of as the ‘child’ is because naturally you would be kind and forgiving to a child.  Thus you would take the same actions towards yourself, that child part of you.  I guess then it is important to have a balanced lifestyle where you also try lots of new things so that your ego doesn’t have to find experiences in some other way such as ‘mind chatter’.    The less experiences the child/ego gets the more protective it becomes.  The wearier the child becomes of situations or new experiences and sadly cannot trust the heart.


What is the heart? 

The heart is thought of as intuition.  The heart is the way, the spirit, how divine communicates through us by accessing what is within us already via taking certain steps such as leaving the 3rd dimension.   It is different to our ego/child but the two needs to be connected…the heart can only work when it accepts the ego self – the observer of experiences, and then the heart is able to  be in its natural state –  intuitive, becoming I AM.


How can we tell if our ego and heart are aligned?

It’s when what you do makes your heart sing.   It’s when you put yourself first.  It is when you take steps to start doing or being everything that brings you back to your essence.   Our physical body is the extension of our higher self, I AM essence, God Self, intuitive self.


So there you have it.  The ego is the observer that you’re meant to have a relationship with instead of trying to get rid of it.    Allow the ego to thrive in its natural state by having experiences – thus being the observer.     Then we create miracles and trust our intuition.


So I haven’t even got to the part about why I couldn’t take steps to follow what my higher self had shown me in one of those ‘a-ha’ moments.     My problem wasn’t that I couldn’t get in touch with my intuition, it was that once I received ‘a-ha’ moments I couldn’t make myself go towards them.   Maybe you’re like that too because I’m hoping  I ‘m not the only person that has not followed through on those divine moments.     Check out my next post which will continue on with what I’ve learnt from Emmanuel Dagher and why we sometimes don’t follow through on that divine download.


If you want to read about the meditation experience Emmanuel Dagher took us through where we got to align our ego child and hearts….(this post is getting too long) you can find it under the ‘members stories’ link called ‘Emmanuel Dagher aligning the ego and heart’,  on the website.

  • admin

    Hi Joseph, I’m glad you found the topic helpful. It is easily done if you can just remember that whenever you have an experience and you are doing everything that goes against actually experiencing it then you are not aligning ego and heart. So when happy experience it. When sad experience it. When angry experience it. Basically feel it…let it surface (that doesn’t mean smashing something etc lol ) thus ego experiences thus heart can be. Hope that made sense.

  • Joseph B

    This is amazing! How there is so much learn about ourselves. Certainly working on getting my ego aligned with my heart!