Let intuition become a normal everyday occurrence that the ‘woo woo’ is taken out of the picture.



Could you imagine a world where people payed attention to their intuition?                                                              

I am perfect in every moment of my life and so are you.  I am perfect in all my sadness and all my joy and so are you.  I am exquisite in all my triumphs and mistakes and so are you.   Such exquisiteness can only come through self love, acceptance of human nature, learning, mistakes, laughter and tears.



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  1. I agree Ananya, it’s in those tough times when we may struggle to hear our intuition. Journaling can be a helpful tool to help you tune into your inner wisdom as well as seeking out the guidance of another. Logic has it’s place too. Intuition can be very practical and present.

  2. Following your intuition is difficult when it comes to major decisions but I have always been the one who does follow intuitions over logic :)

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